Together Forever - 2011/11/21

I deflect when I am spoken to
Droning endlessly when pressed
And accomplish nothing of note
Angry that nobody is impressed

I point my fingers in a fashion
Leaving you to doubt my sanity
Know the army of campaign signs
Shall restore my sense of vanity

I hate you and your great power
Yet I love that you never use it
For as long as we remain in power
We tirelessly fight to abuse it

I pretend to debate these issues
With arguments of illogical tripe
While selling out your interests
For a lifetime at the crack pipe

I will damn your children to hell
While I mourn the great sacrifice
For one day there shall be no men
And all will see the fate of mice

I of course do not actually care
As I am likely too stupid to see
Or better yet I might be prepared
For the world built by you and me