MMXI - 2011/12/29

If you were to ask I would say in 2011
True Samaritans finally reached heaven
Leaving behind sheep without a shepard
Who found that no rapture had occurred
Even the luck of Tebow could not match
The reality that his team cannot catch
For the miracles of magic tumbled fast
Before false prophets that cannot last

Now in the background as a battle ended
Troops amassed for another how splendid
Obama managed to clip the citizen cleric
Who threatened our grasp on oil derricks
Politicians ruled and plugged their ears
Conquering Earth by preying on its fears
Together all fought to revoke the rights
For which ancestors died on harsh nights

Many dictators tumbled like old dominoes
Replaced by protégés nobody really chose
As many institutions of the first world
Sought to ignore a new reality unfurled
Central banks ramped up printing presses
Parading the debtors as PIIGS in dresses
Politicians manufactured numbers outright
Lying to our face and crying out of sight

This year estates shunned responsibility
To preserve their power against futility
Holding debates devoid of real reasoning
Ignorance heralded is a rancid seasoning
Mouths were moving but brains were still
Evidently denying all of reality at will
People voting was the subject of chatter
Unconcerned that this no longer mattered

Next year the Mayans claimed destruction
Yet this is only our lie in reproduction
Hope for the future comes with dire cost
Only if you account for all we have lost
Heavy hearts and clasped hands in prayer
Are rituals that shall not stop a slayer
So what do I cling to that might outlast
The vision that soon this too shall pass

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