MMXII - 2012/12/31

Hello cockroaches who will read this text
Fuck it Mayans were dumb so onto the next
Fake recovery falters while cash runs dry
Economists live where we legally get high
Microsoft tried to pimp out Windows Eight
Selling slower than Vista did is its fate
Egypt got taken over by religious fanatics
In an age infested by holy rolling addicts

Congress failed time and time again to end
The cycle of broken upon which they depend
Cable news failed to rise to this occasion
Suffering ill effects of an idiot invasion
Lunatic gun wielding maniacs sprayed rooms
Inviting the dismal future which now looms
Somewhere along the way the minority voted
For puppets despite bullshit they promoted

Sheriff Taylor expired leaving fans behind
Yet in reruns his wisdom we may still find
Macho man in Russia seized power once lost
He wields his iron fist regardless of cost
Mister Armstrong was stripped of all honor
Always denying so his integrity is a goner
We devoured the sexual stories of Petraeus
While women screamed how dare he betray us

Todd Akin introduced us to legitimate rape
While the sane ones left bitched and gaped
South Carolinas revenue network was hacked
But not even a single IT person got sacked
Ayn Rands book sales jumped because of Ryan
He is Catholic so her supporters are crying
Facebook went public and it was a big bust
Another Wall Street scam rigged to combust

Arizona found latinos could not be outlawed
Bigots living within the US went slackjawed
Syrias police action became a full civil war
Yet international warmongers begged for more
Marijuana bans were dumped in several states
Eliminating covert buying of postage weights
To conclude Peter Jackson released The Hobbit
Split into three parts as would Lorena Bobbit


Bah Humbug - 2012/12/25

I know what you want to hear
Repetition of what you are saying
Though I did not leave out cookies
And I forgot to spend time praying

I guess this makes me a bad guy
Though I cant be bothered to care
Cause fat men cant fit in chimneys
And brats wont get whats really fair

Thank all those cute little elves
Or the indigenous children in China
Cause they are the ones slaving away
Making flimsy plastic baubles for ya

Watch the fancy spectacular parades
Marching by the suburbs which degrade
Celebrating in the face of our future
Where the consequences are not delayed

Myths complimented by delicious lies
Create sick spending fueled by credit
Combining to form something so terrible
I resolved to simply fucking forget it

If you made it this far congratulations
Most of you left when I mentioned brats
I have yet to mock decorating dead trees
Or the donning of fugly fuzzy red hats

So I realize that this is Christmas Day
Most of you twitch like you are on a drug
But for those of you still lucid and sober
I now close with the traditional Bah Humbug


Absence makes the Heart grow fonder

Life can be confusing at times.  As much as we would like for things to stay the same, they tend to change regardless of our feelings on the matter.  Sometimes change is quick and wide ranging in it's consequences.  My handful of dedicated readers know that this post constitutes the first post I have ever published on "Portly Poet" that is not lyrical in nature.  However in order to survive we all must evolve and so it is the same with this blog.

When I was much younger, I wrote a great deal of poetry.  While I'll be the first to say that all of it was half baked teenage angst kind of nonsense, it was a valuable experience nonetheless.  One of my great regrets is the fact that I simply stopped writing for a period of almost ten years.  Such laziness has had it's consequences.  One of those consequences has been the last few years of writing that I've done.  I've spent the last few years writing about various topics in various ways, with the intention of finding my "voice" so to speak.  While some of the work has been memorable much of it has been substandard.    

However despite the setbacks I believe the time has come to take a different approach.  I've been writing for almost three years again now and much progress has been made.  So much so in fact that my plans of simply self publishing a second book crammed to the brim with poetry of varying quality (much like the first book) have come to an abrupt end.  Up until this week I had planned on publishing "Portly Poet - Volume 002" after writing another 250 poems.  However I've been thinking more and more that this is the wrong way to go about things.  

Poetry isn't about quantity.  It's about quality.  Hence the number of poems is irrelevant but the impact of the poems are relevant.  How does one measure the impact of a poem?  Hell if know.  Perhaps Mr. Keating has a better idea than I do.  Too bad he's not real or I might be able to ask him :)  Nonetheless, I've decided to change my approach for the second book.  For starters I want it to be smaller.  I'm thinking somewhere between 50 and  75 high quality poems.  Secondly I'm also seriously considering adding some background information for each poem so that my readers can maybe better understand the work itself.  Finally I've decided that the bulk of the material in the next book will not be published ahead of time.  This was perhaps the hardest decision for me to make here.  But the benefits should be obvious.  If I ever want to go beyond self publishing books that a handful of people close to me buy, then I'm going to have to up the ante here.  No publisher wants to publish a book of stuff that was already published for free on some blog somewhere.  That's just idiotic.  Exclusivity is where the value comes into play.  No doubt some of you are now wondering, "Has Jay talked to some publishers?"  The answer is no.  Why bother?  As of right now I have absolutely nothing to offer them for the very reasons I have described above.

Does that mean this blog is now dead?  No, not at all.  I think this blog will be the companion on the journey I am about to undertake.  And don't believe for a second that poetry or tidbits of poetry won't still make it out here.  They will.  Part of being a writer is grappling with the irrepressible urge to share your thoughts and your feelings with others.  That will not change.  Those of you who know me well know that short of death, that will never change. 

So thank you all for sticking with me this far into my journey of self discovery.  If this is where you decided to cut loose, please know that there are no hard feelings.  But for the time being, this is how it has to be.


Jay "Portly Poet" Little


Space Sickness - 2012/12/02

No life exists
In this vacuum I now occupy
Always dreaming
Of reaching up so very high
Never realizing
That succeeding means I die

Sunflares ignite
Through our prison porthole
As zero gravity
Insidiously takes its toll
Fate is knocking
Discounting mission control

Courageous fools
Take a walk on the wild side
While I support
Milking every excuse to hide
Glass cracking
Strap in for the final ride

Still persisting
Assassins continue missing
My ears can hear
Sounds of telltale hissing
Arrogant fools
Keep ignorantly dismissing

Today is the day
Of their triumphant return
Yet I know better
Heat shield cracks concern
Drifting in space
Prepped to watch them burn


Haphazard - 2012/12/01

Tomorrow Tomorrow
Putting it off for a bit
Through rosy glasses
Orbs of hope are ever lit

Storm clouds part
Divine ambrosia flutters
Buildings are ignited
Hermits rip open shutters

Paradise passing
Spreading memorable cheer
Temporary reprieve
From still festering fear

Sleep no more
Mindfulness is the devil
Visions stalk
Threatening endless revel

Sun goes down
Mystically coming back up
Turn a blind eye
So celebration will erupt

Remember the cage
Wheel runners must unite
Preventing tragedy
As we all escape tonight

This is a dream
A bed full of vicious lies
Within it I lay
Ready to wake when it dies

Staggering about
Sunlight assaults red eyes
Nobody lives forever
Especially if nobody tries


Glare be Damned - 2012/11/28

Take their torture poor old ears
Tired hands are faithfully stoic
While we prioritize our survival
In lieu of doing anything heroic

This is a time to simply take it
Despite any accolades we deserve
After the great performance ends
They will mourn the loss of verve

Pack up its time to hit the road
Unknown yet pointing to the stars
For paradise is somewhere waiting
Beyond dead ghettos and blue bars

Do not ask why the wanderer walks
Every true answer is self evident
For living life on anothers terms
Is life to which I cannot consent

An artist or conniver selling lies
Which I am you will have to decide
But know that I will never regret
Moving to call an end to our ride

If my actions agitate insecurities
Know that it shall never bother me
Simply put this vagabond must roam
While there are wonders left to see


Dilapidation - 2012/11/27

Wasting away while time ticks by
Waving goodbye to ones who ask why
This is our existence which we bear
Though nobody seems to actually care

Each day structured in rigid time
Watching children awaiting a chime
A tell tale sign it is time to leave
Nothing was done though nobody grieves

Wiling away opportunities to grow
Never addressing all we do not know
A hundred possible futures do linger
Each one slipping through our fingers

This is the life lauded by fools
Eternally refusing to master tools
Content to exist without any reason
Each breath they take another treason

Whoever shall save them from doom
Perpetuated by monsters which loom
Of course it is to them which I refer
Those unenlightened endlessly lazy curs

This is a disease within the mind
There is no work ethic of any kind
So here they sit slowly wasting away
Looking busy until their judgment day


Rant and Response - 2012/11/25

I grant you a pass to my echo chamber
Contingent upon me never hearing slur
Never mind what our friends are doing
We all will not tolerate such spewing

But of course edicts shall not prevent
The world from talking about the event
And if it goes my way words will churn
If it does not then friends shall burn

You claim to wear kid gloves just for me
By allowing me to revel in my false glee
Your mouth remains shut for a whole year
Though I will still flip out due to fear

It really does not matter what you said
Because in my eyes you are already dead
Logic can never be an acceptable excuse
Which is why I will not honor our truce

Like a spoiled brat in a rage so blinding
I showed out in a way eternally reminding
Our friendship is no longer one commodity
I want to foster regardless of its oddity

That was not before throwing a little fit
Rolling around like the pig would in shit
Proving my demeanor to the world at large
With one memorable and venomous discharge


There is no map which describes the path
To bring us back from the brink of wrath
Though in our specific case due to abuse
The kid gloves are no longer fit for use


Words with Friends - 2012/11/23

It seems we have a disagreement
One which I hope we can resolve
Since I am right and you are wrong
It seems you will have to evolve

Stymie your clueless mouth shut
You are just a dumb mother fucker
Each and every time you speak
You reinforce your title of sucker

My language is not the issue here
Honestly I have examined your idea
Do not dare to hold it against me
That your logic resembles diarrhea

Well then perhaps we should abstain
You daring to be different is insane
If you would like I could recommend
Professionals to help fix your brain

When you wake up and embrace reality
Perhaps we can discuss it once again
Until then we should agree on silence
Beyond a couple of barbs now and then

I am sorry that you do not like this
Other points of view are distressing
Not contemplating and dissecting them
Is my only way to keep from stressing


Buyer's Ballad - 2012/11/22

It was a brisk and chilly day
On which I apparently lost my way
Ending up shopping for deals
Skipping out on once a year meals
For addiction to acquisition
Is a very dire and nasty condition

Down aisle after aisle I went
The sin for which I shall not repent
Contributing to a future crash
As I could not afford to pay in cash
Denying those less fortunate
Every opportunity to rest a tiny bit

I am thankful for the holiday
Which I will now allow to waste away
I am just a slave lacking wits
In the gilded age of cheap trinkets
Will I ever muster the strength
To keep these horrors at arms length

Alas that is an answer I lack
No matter how I pretend it is whack
For secretly I long to indulge
Exactly how much I will not divulge
With action comes consequence
That I ignore as I lack moral sense


Sideshow - 2012/11/21

Brandish the riot shields and sticks
Shove each thinker up against a wall
Black bag them and toss away the key
Fools may wonder why they never call

Throw parades in honor of ones fallen
Singing ballads from times unfamiliar
Just ignore the hungry kids and wives
Or if it seems heroic simply kill her

Vendettas be damned we rule the world
Felines starve even the rats flourish
Nobody shall raise a hand to intercede
For they remain unthinking and currish

Revel in your freedom as would a bird
Flapping wings now clipped and tarred
Never dare exceed your maximum height
For from Mount Olympus you are barred

Dogs shall fail while dueling unarmed
Falling prey to the greater predators
Who despite lies and lack of currency
Never cease to locate idiot creditors

Now legions have decided to just shrug
Simply ignoring this terrible disaster
Yet with each and every passing moment
We all march towards its climax faster


Rock Bottom - 2012/11/18

Tip toeing along the edge of a blade
Precariously swaying with the breeze
Transfixed by the vision of two feet
Somehow now advancing as they please

It could never last forcing a tumble
Nosediving to lies of a better place
Eyes wide open at the speed of sound
Ever cursing the visages of her face

Another paradise waits with open arms
Polished coffin morbidly at the ready
Turbulence makes for a wrenching ride
Destination doom means we stay steady

Have your tickets out for verification
Journey ends in the halls of purgatory
Get your soul ready for final transfer
Assuming you even have it in inventory


Self Flagellation - 2012/11/16

Yet another sun sets on the horizon
An ethereal backdrop for the scream
Which strives to wake the oblivious
From a fantasy our collective dream

Tis is the time for tea and crumpets
Yet dark red wine seems more fitting
Have a cigar and join us for a taste
Of the finest from ones now quitting

Supersonic wings distribute megatons
Who filled up the hands of the clods
With a power to wipe the world clean
Wielding weapons shunned by the Gods

Mushrooms now rising in the distance
Birth the fallout which now journeys
Over the dead desert turned to glass
Not be stopped by kings or attorneys

Rolling over in the restless respite
Cornered as your hostages of history
A lack of foresight which leads here
Compounding the ever growing mystery

The wise become the blind and repeat
Mistakes they thought they were past
Whoever shall inform the dying masses
That all we erect cannot hope to last


Unto the Breach - 2012/11/11

My hands grasp the secret of life
While each day I squeeze out more
For there I sit a greedy customer
Dealing outright as would a whore

My mind knows that I hold victory
Though I lack an ability to enjoy
For grasping this precious escape
Does not hide that I am their toy

Our future weighs heavily upon me
The vision of humanity compelling
My urge to disassociate from what
Fantasy you are currently selling

I seem aloof among contemporaries
Now described as being disengaged
Yet I am only hiding a hard truth
That each day I awaken so enraged

What gifts we have all been given
That we work each day to squander
The enjoyment that allows respite
Is drawn from pleasures I launder

I shall not fear my lovely future
Even as its contents stay unknown
As the experience of living cries
Out for people not ready to atone


Vacuum - 2012/11/10

Drifting in the depths of space
An icy hand knocks on the hatch
Claiming a fill of imported air
Even as somebody lights a match

That day the apparatus exploded
A virulent flash was seen below
Mothers children and men sulked
Wondering aloud where can we go

The peoples leaders took charge
Responding to their hard dismay
By prancing and dancing at will
Never fixing and always at play

Pieces of it descended to earth
Afterwards the questions ceased
For the system was truly rigged
To allow the criminals to feast

Pointless pundits gravitated on
Peoples attention spans wavered
Pristine pulp pumped into pores
Serving sheep shit they savored

Applaud these stewards of today
Cynically rather than seriously
While problems become more dire
And solutions fail mysteriously


Patty Cake - 2012/11/07

Let us sit down and spin a tale
Of a mythical and perfect place
Rather than search out the truth
Our lies will run a magical race

With every round they shall grow
Unaware of any physical boundary
Practically but an illusion shed
As we gorge ourselves in a spree

So lead turns into precious gold
Despite the rotten stench rising
As the consequences slowly build
Ignoring any fix of our devising

Oh it is a lovely game is it not
One that everybody likes playing
Even as we systematically neuter
Cynics who persist in nay saying


Criminal Suppression - 2012/11/05

You campaigned all day for a fool
I lobbied you on behalf of a clod
They needed permission to fuck us
And we've given them both the nod

In an expanding infinite universe
We have but two available choices
Neither of which truly represents
A single one of our joyous voices

I pose a query to you dear reader
How can the result make any sense
When ones inclined to participate
Do so under horrid false pretense

Maybe handle it though abstinence
No I think that is doomed to fail
Instead take both groups of tools
And urge them to set forever sail

Let us relieve Gods of their power
By ignoring the tales they persist
For if no soul dares vote for them
It will be as if they do not exist

Tell me if you have a superior way
Or better yet fall back to routine
The belief that your side is right
Is a drug from which you must wean


Within the Cracks - 2012/11/04

Miracles are crafted for fools
Quipped the fairy out of reach
It is easier to lead with lies
Than to attach an actual leash

I argued the claim pointlessly
Her head snapped back giggling
The young ones are always hard
Ever refusing to stop wiggling

She brandished that oaken wand
Intoning words of a cold spell
Now I waited there dumbfounded
Prepared for my ticket to hell

But in an instant she was gone
Pixie dust was in short supply
So I was free to wander around
Looking into many a golems eye

Their passion once deep inside
So chipped away over the years
Was nothing but a dead trinket
Against vogue artificial fears

It was on that mad day I vowed
To ever battle to remain whole
Never giving up on my passions
Or to consider selling my soul


Swindler - 2012/11/02

I met the shadowy man one night
As he walked the broken highway
Even though my mind knew better
I could not stay out of his way

He wore the very finest of suits
Always seducing me with his gaze
Offering me lavish incongruities
In an effort to put me in a daze

So what happened was unexpected
For I dared look him in the eyes
Catching a glimpse of the truth
You can imagine his sad surprise

I made the demand that he depart
And to take his baubles with him
Now I consider myself a free man
Hence unconcerned with his whims

In a raspy voice he promised pain
I beckoned him to take a long look
For this is a land you have raped
What little is left cannot be took

With a snap of a manicured finger
He vanished in a puff of red smoke
Leaving me there as a lonely soul
Suffering pain under no mans yoke

Lines of the Lulled - 2012/11/02

Delusions swirl unhindered
Tainting everything I know
For I describe a slaughter
As would be victims ask so

The storm forms on the ridge
Beckoned by four pale riders
We might have even prevailed
Without traitorous insiders

For they arrived in darkness
Cruel blades in hungry hands
Ready to strip you of freedom
And claim your battered lands

Cast your gaze to those lost
Souls in perpetual purgatory
For we all failed to fulfill
A blood oath to end the story

Ghouls of the fathers wander
Rotten eyes seeking out fools
Who lie and say they are free
While being abused like tools

This is the story I now relay
Pick your side and then perish
Or open your eyes and then act
If only to save all you cherish


Tonberry - 2012/10/27

Lantern held in his tiny hand
A knife brandished in another
He is making a claim on blood
Within our veins and no other

He advances with slow motions
Never uttering a single sound
Somehow we are quite confident
He means to bury us in ground

Flames flicker within his eyes
This lethargy is but the front
He will use to pry open hearts
Prior to tearing out the shunt

His frail form embodies terror
Likes of which we do not share
For they all have seen him too
Whilst pretending not to care

Blasé it might seem to slay him
With great power I surely would
For he is the harbinger of doom
Of which only a few understood

So he continues his long journey
To places eyes are happy without
That ground upon which he treads
Breeds nightmares soon to sprout

Royal We - 2012/10/27

We wait
While the whistling wind blows
We cringe
As the world we know just goes

We watch
Others embrace irrational fear
We choke
Holding back sympathetic tears

We pray
That naked mysticism can outdo
We know
Consequence can seek us out too

We help
Because no other power overcomes
We cry
When others respond to war drums

We dream
Of any world somebody else built
We refrain
From wiping what our neighbor spilt

We believe
The world is ours and ours alone
We forget
That for everybodys sin we atone


Fever - 2012/10/24

The obstacles breed like rats
Birthed only to block the way
Time to eviscerate the nonsense
Because its not happening today

Welcome dear immovable object
Say hello to irresistible force
By all means keep on pretending
I shall kill you in due course

This is the time and the place
In which the impossible happens
Bringing about lovely victories
And all the resulting trappings

Tomorrow cannot be spoken for
Chaos wields terribly wily ways
But I know it has been too long
Since I've had one of these days


To the Abattoir - 2012/10/20

Behold the cup with many holes
Whose will is not to be filled
Spy the disappointment in eyes
Of he who is destined to spill

Weep doth he amongst the remains
Of dreams known to have perished
In pursuing this fleeting homage
He now taints all once cherished

So what be a man but a flimsy bag
Of bones which squeak for a time
Chasing cheap facades for harmony
Not finding either rhythm or rhyme

Call and warn him if so compelled
But he is a mechanism sans machine
While his violence seems senseless
He himself is certainly not mean

For he dreams the dream he prefers
Not caring to see below its veneer
As he is not the rancher who herds
Rather just another stubborn steer


Dawn to Dusk - 2012/10/14

Blood trickles
Past the eyes of this would be killer
Insanity rises
To rule rather than remain the filler

Voices coalesce
Rising in a crescendo of unification
Reality diminished
By the promises of eternal salvation

Hope now hovers
On the mountain of the dead and dying
Miracles bought
By the pawns who are no longer trying

Lies distributed
Down the street and around the globe
By patron of sin
Standing before you soiling his robe

We stand as mice
Upon the shoulders of ancient giants
Even as we tumble
Inundated in this false self reliance

Maggots slither
Out the eyes of the long dead martyr
As gods chuckle
Dreaming of the souls they did barter


Spore - 2012/10/13

Floating along a breeze
Flailing as it does please
Spied by eyes of ebony black
Invisible to those who track

Gift of life so delicate
Dependent upon chance to abet
Even as it may soon be snuffed
Despite there not being enough

Yet the speck largely ignored
Knows the goal it works toward
Casting a keen eye to the horizon
Eager to meet the new force rising

It is dead and it is alive
Neither and both to survive
Posing no threat to the blind
Yet birthing salvation to find

This is a tale with no end
Every day it plays out again
The ending is belayed by choice
Between death and the bold voice

Succumb to the urge and entertain
A future of possible hope and pain
Or sit by and lackadaisically persist
Indulging your pointless urge to exist


Cult of Err - 2012/10/09

Safe within the armor
To the easily fooled eye
Protected from vermin
By quilt of stitched lies

Great walls of straw
Which children could wrack
Monitored by cowboys
Without knowledge to track

Inside it is bleeding
Acid poison slowly leaks
Outside their illusion
Undergoes numerous tweaks

Information is power
Welcome your latest deity
Prepare thyself for
Proof of true spontaneity

Fork in the road past
As the high road was taken
The traveler gazes down
Wondering if he was mistaken

Cries of the proletariat
Fighting to fill this vacuum
As tears of the conquered
Lay the road to rumored doom


Pandora - 2012/10/01

I leave to stare
Into the maw of the beast
I yearn to discover
Lunacy driving it at least

Explorer ahoy
On a yacht in the triangle
Observing sharks
Always working a new angle

Petty ants march
Unaware of coming reaction
Gazes averted from
Tidal wave gaining traction

Oh great Houdini
They marvel at your tricks
Even after a tyke
Collapses your appendix

I have no excuses
For any of the consequences
I see only myself
Beyond mirrors of pretenses


Trick - 2012/09/30

Our contest of wits is ending
For the players who are weary
Strength sapped striving for
A series of endings so dreary

Locked in the mortal struggle
I simply decided to slip away
On my path which seeks to see
The lights of unpolluted days

Selling to the highest bidder
Real services once guaranteed
Free to retreat when I choose
Either for wants or for needs

Flap the wings and fly lovely
Catch a breeze before a crash
Spy the dream of an existence
Where we rise above the trash

Look to the horizon my friend
Perhaps one day I will return
To show you my key to freedom
By sharing all I have learned

What if this is the last time
Give me the trick to remember
Absolute joy for being a part
Of a group with equal members


Great Glenn - 2012/09/29

Precarious asphalt lays outside
Promising visitors a rocky ride
To see how the sad gutters sway
Dormant and lifeless day to day

Their post is delivered promptly
And then mysteriously disappears
While the yard grows as a jungle
Debts to nature very far arrears

One day a whistling wind awakens
Meaning to knock that hovel down
But on the brink of comeuppance
In the hopelessness it did drown

Now defying physics and us alike
It bears a trial of indifference
Home to a throne built upon shit
Seat of melancholys great prince

Behind the walls and trite grins
This is the beast which so lurks
Piece by piece the debate builds
As time alone destroys our works

Whoever shall attempt the rescue
Of a man trapped within his life
Who is labeled as the mad hermit
By his friends children and wife

Eyes on the Prize - 2012/09/29

She has got her eyes on the prize
Now she stares into acrylic glass
Watching them dart back and forth
Devising a scheme to make it past

Each and every day they taunt her
An infectious grin on their faces
While all she can see is slaughter
Of prey devoured in far off places

For hours on end she sits and lies
Pretending to wonder with her eyes
Dreaming of a time water does rise
Bequeathing upon her a tasty prize

Today alas it is simply not to be
For they thrive as she can so see
As this dream fills her with glee
The waiting marauder named Sophie


Alamo - 2012/09/27

The sands in the hourglass
Have run their full course
While the observers murmur
It was destined of course

Yet for those left behind
Words cannot hope to heal
Ferocity and humor shared
Going then gone so unreal

To arms to arms comrades
Fight the war to the end
Only to watch your heroes
Escape rather than defend

Slathering masses crash
Overrunning the few left
The survivors hear tales
Which render them bereft

With tragedy in my mind
Thoughts clouded by drink
I vow to remember forever
Those whom I left to sink

I grant them immortality
In memories I do preserve
Yet it pales in comparison
To what they truly deserve


Lucidity - 2012/09/23

The dull glow of the master
Suppresses everything outside
With every moment spent there
There is less and less to hide

The crackle of digital static
Muffled by the occasional mute
Renders the pointlessness of it
Anything but forgiven and moot

Life is now but a lucid dream
Interrupted by infrequent naps
Punctuated by fools in costume
Who fight to fill their traps

Sunrise and sunset matter not
They are but the descriptions
Of a place we are barred from
While under the conscriptions

Therein lies the parlor trick
Leaving a place with no border
As illusion gives way to chaos
Demands an embrace of disorder


Honey Poo Poo - 2012/09/15

I want to talk some smack
But you cannot talk back
Because in my dream world
Only I am allowed to attack

I have an opinion to share
Whether you give a shit or not
Any way in which you respond
Will be dismissed as mere rot

Look upon me the mouthpiece
For armies of the misinformed
Shed some tears for poor me
When I am predictably swarmed

Nobody could've seen it coming
That is why I keep on bitching
Even if I can't stand the heat
I deserve a place in the kitchen

So this is why I am demanding
That you acknowledge my orders
To stay off of my scared wall
And remain within your borders

I truly love social interaction
If only they were free of tools
Poking fun at sports and stuff
Making so many feel like fools


Indentured - 2012/09/13

Working on the chain gang
Kicking up dirt and sweat
Lips parched and begging
To taste the world so wet

Whips crack while we rush
To dig ditches as directed
Only to fill them back in
As we bury those infected

Locked up tight at sunset
Drowning wounds in booze
Fighting to escape dreams
That come while we snooze

In the morning it returns
As vicious as ever before
For we are the customers
And pain is but our whore

At any time this can end
Simply utter just a word
And shades with the guns
Will rip you from the herd

Or rather carefully plan
On how to make your break
Though there is no knowing
What kind of mess you make


Fat Head Frolic - 2012/09/08

Zealots in the street cheering
Empty suits on cameras jeering
Words flying by at light speed
Quite accurate unless you read

Simple ideas and flowery words
Conceal the fact both are turds
Life gets more complex each day
So turn back the clock they say

Only the cats now outta the bag
As the owner bleeds into a rag
Fat headed fools tell us no no
We can make the derelict go go

Toss a coin and go out to vote
Just tote a raft unto the boat
So after it starts to go under
You will survive their blunder

Smother us in simple platitudes
Tarring others for bad attitudes
And flanked by the perfect smile
We the foolish shall stay awhile


Typical Voter - 2012/09/04

Today I logged on Facebook
And was greeted with reality
I put my fingers in my ears
And returned to my normality

Cause I dont really care
What the hell is going on
Even though I will be pissed
When the world we know is gone

I know you think I am stupid
But I have friends who agree
That your real world out there
Shouldnt be allowed to bother me

But make no mistake at all
I plan on showing up to vote
Wearing my cute pinwheel cap
And carrying my "dumbass" tote

Recognize my right to be dumb
Its in the bill of commandments
Yeah you bet your ass I read it
Both testaments and their contents

Look is it too much to ask
That you just shut the hell up
Because football is coming on
And I'm gonna clog your feed up


Hollow Horror - 2012/09/03

In the sea of black
A single candle burns
Soon to be snuffed out
Before the beast learns

When it is eradicated
Memories begin to fade
Forgotten like legions
Slaughtered by the blade

Maybe it is the last
As the crusade closes
One final parlor trick
Before the truth imposes

A crescendo of fate
Collapsing upon heads
Coaxing screams out of
Those hiding in the beds

All but snuffed out
Terrors are released
Anarchy and fear join
Upon us they then feast

That future which lies
Past the marching boots
Aborted only by the wise
Who can trace their roots


Tip of the Tongue - 2012/09/02

Gotta make it quick
Time is fucking rare
Rather than contemplate
This is the time to tear

Smoke billowing high
Obscuring every detail
Passerby enjoy the show
Where we succeed and fail

Wield sharpened points
Flanked by the blunt edges
It either stabs the heart
Or retires to shape hedges

Vast expanses of time
Await in the oncoming rush
Requiring the sobriety
Not exhibited by any lush

Inherently contradictory
Logic starved of the reason
While drenching us in tears
Regardless of actual season

However shall it finish
With a satisfying climax
Or will it simply whimper
When faced with the facts


Renegades - 2012/09/01

Time dwindles
Shadows race to set the rules
Fate chuckles
Golems work for whims of fools

Just one more
Soon the pain shall quickly stop
There is no truth
Not even one small precious drop

Infinity squared
Lambs live the lie over and over
A poison festers
Sad slaves eat of the new clover

Some dare speak
Nobody has the strength to listen
Backs are breaking
Over spoils of war which glisten

Leaders lead
Fools march to their destruction
Deserters leave
Deemed to be another obstruction

They came they saw
One of many who do so now and then
These excommunicated
Shall not be fooled this way again


Cretin - 2012/08/28

Listen to the twit
Speaking in many tongues
If you give him a ladder
He will slide down the rungs

If you hand him a map
He will turn it upside down
While faithfully playing
The role of the dumb clown

If you lend him a light
He shall cover up his eyes
All the while regaling you
With many outrageous lies

If you beat him as a fool
He will roll over and howl
Hiding hope of redemption
Behind his man childs cowl

However shall we counter
These fools that live on
Upon which misery and pain
Are so clearly built upon

The mystery tortures me
Ever more as I do dwell
For each day it greets me
At the black gates of hell


War Room - 2012/08/27

There is a room
Which occupies my dreams
Just a nightmare
If you ignore the screams

Each window cracked
We observe life outside
Unable to join them
Strapped in for the ride

Cruel barbs whipped
Carve scars in our backs
While even the strong
Slip through the cracks

Overlords commanding
Peons who plot an escape
Away from imbeciles
Who cheat steal and rape

Written words wasted
Amongst eyes of the blind
We tell of no messiah
For the charlatans to find

Soon bodies will sway
From these gallows erected
And crows shall feast
As their masters directed


Magician - 2012/08/26

Black box
Mystery is inside
Take me for a ride

That is your game
Makes it the same

We wield no power
Bolster your power

Led by you alone
To truth you intone

Upon your creations
To fixing operations

Since you departed
How to get started

For a swift return
By blades that burn

Damned to wander
All we squandered

Zero Sum Game - 2012/08/26

They are the squatters
Hunkered down in the waste
Visual evidence of reality
The gods would like to erase

Living hand to mouth
Without a future in mind
Theirs is the scary fate
That we all may one day find

They are the incompetent
Yet littered with the elite
For some fell on their own
Others were mercilessly beat

What horrid twist of fate
Daring to plot and conspire
Trying to stop deadly flames
By tossing fools into the fire

Behold this waking beast
Driven wild by its hunger
Even as it fervently devours
Sacrifices younger and younger

Scholars can only wonder
Upon what will the beast feed
When our ability to control it
Is soon overwhelmed by its need


Architects - 2012/08/18

Marching single file
Towards the sandstorm
Driven by hellish whips
Of masters with many forms

Gun in the hand
Bullet in the brain
Not even a quick death
Can put an end to the pain

Charred bones remain
Buried within two days
Yet their spirit lingers
Warning of nefarious ways

Praise their names
And send them to die
You are the executioner
Who dares not question why

Welcome dear lambs
To a sacrifice foretold
As these are the end days
Shunned by the brave and bold

Be sure to mark it
For this is the moment
That shall be the focus
Of lifetimes of atonement


Resilience - 2012/08/15

Grinning fool stole the dream
Locked it inside a cloudy jar
Tossed into the vicious river
In time it traveled quite far

Where it hides I have no idea
Every map serves to misdirect
While every would be witness
Does not help dots to connect

Lies told by smiling avatars
With sweet and tempting tones
Spawn pallid ideas to let go
Blighting my weary old bones

The mad disease is residual
Festering while procreating
Driven to new scary heights
By a cycle of commiserating

Beliefs are questioned daily
As the forest is set aflame
What emerges from the ashes
Will be altered yet the same

Gaze upon our eternal seesaw
While the favored side rises
The other disfavored tumbles
Sharing truth sans disguises


Captive Audience - 2012/08/12

Lances swords and knives abound
Slicing would be bearers asunder
All whom now bleed out leisurely
Totally unaware of their blunder

A trickle of it becomes a puddle
Then the puddle becomes an ocean
While unlucky ones trapped within
Begin to suffocate in slow motion

Sunbursts ravage dying starlight
Haughty chuckles echo throughout
For we are merely cold observers
Lacking any control or any clout

Observe for this is how it ends
Not with the bang but a whimper
For the gallery of the soulless
Cannot be bothered to even stir


Kumbaya - 2012/08/05

Left in a circle hands grasped in hope
Whats remains is dust for distribution
Flanked by fragments of addictive toys
Useless beyond threat of electrocution

Events leading up to lost and unknown
Clues left for visitors past eternity
Warning the few willing to comprehend
As others rush to join our fraternity

Walls fall against centuries of wind
While weeds render pavement obsolete
Aged forests reassert their dominion
The silence marking our final defeat

Dead in a place of a thousand faces
A stench disseminating into the air
Eyes sans coins remain open forever
Though nobody sees the morbid stare

For they have become victims of fate
Brought on by forgetting the reality
Without the ones who dare contradict
Time will not suffer a lax mentality


Aberration - 2012/07/29

Never mind the swath of pain
For which the rest have paid
Money hungry jesters walking
On a path to hell fools laid

Sprinting and somersaulting
Their antics so entertaining
Even though masses grow weary
As practical appeal is fading

Not even the assorted baubles
Always masquerading as prizes
Hold any real intrinsic value
Despite their shiny disguises

Bellies rumbling lips parched
Yet the judges truly care not
As they exist only to measure
Anything which matters naught

We do not even pick our teams
Attached to one through birth
So join this useless festival
Trading truth for empty mirth

Ignore those prevailing winds
Evidence the world is turning
Dismiss dark smoke you inhale
As its only the world burning


Haterade - 2012/07/27

Large panes of stained glass
Make for confetti in the air
Slicing fools in their vortex
Deaf and dumb who do not care

Values lined up for a bidding
Many as worthless as the next
Animals feasting on the blood
Ever gorging yet always vexed

Targets abound chosen at will
Petty aggressors are the prey
As their rights to be bigots
Are questioned every new day

Pitch black plume rises high
Books are burning all around
The crackling is obscured by
Air filled with gospel sound

Within the pews children sit
Angelic ears in the stirrups
Listening to dead holy words
Oldies that fluently corrupt

Despite all the hard efforts
Time still slowly ticks away
Leaving room for enlightened
Minds to finally win the day


Exodus - 2012/07/24

Weavers of wonder
Wielding looms of lore
Tell tales of centuries
Leave us wanting for more

They have departed
Final flock long gone
We are left with pushers
Selling a shortening con

Our sun rises not
Bequeathed to the rich
Monsters which strangle
Each and every new snitch

Eyes grow accustomed
To permanent twilight
Fingers on the triggers
Not knowing who to fight

Discordant voices fester
Fueled by emotional rise
Brought on by those safe
From reaping of their lies

I neither hear nor see
Though it smells rotten
Why is knowledge gained
So very easily forgotten


Martyr - 2012/07/22

Lips sealed shut
Secrets held at bay
Only a true follower
Shall light up the way

Beaten and battered
Deterred by neither pain
Nor by a vivid nightmare
Of rotting in torrid rain

Family under the knife
Temptation for the weak
Watching this world burn
Requires the mark to peek

Behold the steel cage
Impenetrable by the best
Slandered and so despised
By the ones it has blessed

Stoically it stands fast
Immune to ravages of time
Innocent to its very core
Now sentenced for a crime

Little bird fly far away
Your freedom is his gift
Even friends are entranced
By the haze of mental drift


Sealed Coffins - 2012/07/14

Cattle in crumbling cages
Strewn through their scar
Their screams remain silent
Yet their pain is known afar

Some of the cages are pristine
Populated by slaves with pride
Others are a vicious reminder
Of a truth they never confide

From a distance they are alike
Closer examination will reveal
That each is seemingly unique
Though still spokes of a wheel

Even as they hide from all else
They are beckoned through blinds
Each ray of entrancing sunlight
Planting seeds in closed minds

Regardless only the ghosts stir
While living remained enthralled
Captors of the fanciful coffins
To which they have been called


Mitt's Most Wanted - 2012/07/11

Motherfucker's got magic underwear
Sticking out of his docker britches
With a shit eating grin on his face
Cause he marries all of his bitches

He aint got no street cred to share
But his bling makes everybody stare
Golden plates on a glistening chain
Proves this player is rich and vain

People see a white gangsta fronting
Watch your ass cause he is strapped
With spring mags full of pink slips
One way or another asses get tapped

Break out your blunts and celebrate
The cream puff bitch ass is winning
Fuck all the hope and shitty change
Lets get back to old school sinning


Rapists - 2012/07/08

Making the world a better place
Slowly screwing its pretty face
Seeking the monsters come alive
Fools waiting on them to arrive

Hot flames of perdition crackle
Bloated shadows in suits cackle
As skin of our sons turns black
A victim of the constant attack

Machinations bear monstrosities
Spread as plague amongst cities
Dazed and confused by the glare
Of heads paid great not to care

So behold these walking corpses
Pupils dilated nothing is amiss
Stuffing their faces with trash
While earth continues to thrash

Imperfect stains of the disgust
Daydreaming of a porcelain bust
A picture perfect tale for eyes
Feeding minds that collate lies


Minds Eye - 2012/07/06

Grey and dilapidated
Streaking every which way
Eyes lackadaisically stutter
Assaulted with another day

Lifelessly plodding
Two feet mindlessly move
Mind left in hibernation
With nothing left to prove

Bells are ringing
Though ears are shut
When it becomes too loud
Mouths shall scream what

Smoke fills the air
Lemmings march lockstep
Right off the ledge
Onto which they leapt

Images of visions
Behind a blurred line
Between the delusions
Where shit is the wine

A darkness engulfs
Spilling out corners
Drawing these judges
Our would be mourners

Many gavels pound
Sans cries in the air
Marking this the end
As we no longer care


POW - 2012/06/30

He carries the gun in his hand
Along with a frown on his face
Even while lounging back home
He is a prisoner in that place

It has dug its hooks down deep
Tugging every second every day
His mind is smoldering and mad
Ready to kill anyone in his way

He is angry despite his action
A speaker of words not his own
For across the ocean from hell
He is strung out and ever alone

It beckons with tones of allure
Driving his life into the ditch
He ingests the poison it shares
Making love to the rancid bitch

He lashes out indiscriminately
Even at those who try and save
All still suffering for whims
Of powerful fools not so brave

Silently I shall weep for him
As his murderous hatred rises
He is that machine subjugated
Driven by another who devises

We can hope one day he returns
From that prison very far away
Ready to open those weary eyes
And face the light of a new day


Mad and Meek - 2012/06/24

Stolid confessors file inside
Demons nipping at their heels
Their eyes so vague and empty
Contemplating the vapid ideal

It is this mortal forgiveness
They dutifully attend to seek
Without this spiritual crutch
They are the mad and the meek

Their hearts will not believe
With the mind rendered vacant
As they desire to be deceived
Mingling with others in chant

Together they stand in unison
The detractors excommunicated
Ever searching for the target
To be trampled and desecrated

Outside in the huddled masses
Live the remnants of delusion
Silent cold and ever starving
Refusing to worship confusion


Salute - 2012/06/20

This scotch in my glass
Flows like terrible rain
I know there is no amount
That can really kill pain

Yet here I am in my chair
Ignoring a world at large
Infested with the sad news
That now lies in my charge

Fate is the vicious cunt
Whose path I choose to map
And when I am proven right
I find myself in its trap

While I am sober it mocks
Liquored up it gets worse
So here I am writing down
Words to decorate a hearse

How can tomorrow be coming
When today looms so strong
Can the world sleep soundly
When so much in it is wrong

With just one final snort
I will forget that I care
Yet it is wrong to forget
One who is no longer there

Fossils - 2012/06/20

Skulls litter the path
Hammers turn them to dust
From their eyes ooze rust

A forlorn wind howls
Scaring deceased denizens
Gazing through their lens

Mirrors glare brightly
And lemmings dare not gaze
Past the dream into a maze

Gods unconcerned toil
Attention diverted forever
From their failed endeavor

Stars now snuffed out
Will shine light years away
Saving dusk for another day

Skulls litter the path
Fossils of fools from before
Will we see what is in store


Icarus - 2012/06/17

Barren and broken
Stones large and small lay
Crevices and cracks
Lay a path to escape today

Millenniums etched
Atom by atom slowly lost
Each rising sun brings
Less realization of cost

Upwards we do scurry
Fighting against the odds
Doing so in a hurry
Unconcerned with angry gods

Beautiful birds above
Gliding in the jet stream
Haughty by their nature
Yet the face of our dream

Then they do plummet
As stones tossed casually
We pay them no concern
Climbing with great glee

The throne sits empty
Only too willing to devour
He who still believes
In eternal unlimited power


Worker Bees - 2012/06/12

Groggily they rise from beds
Seeking stimulants with fervor
For them there is no other way

They proceed to work in droves
Herded like cattle for the kill
Believing its just another day

Facing a wall of pointlessness
In the form of mad assignments
Democracy yet they have no say

They rush out for a brief lunch
Lusting for even a tiny escape
Ready to return home and play

Yet their time is forever lost
Scattered as ashes in the wind
This body which they ever flay

Tomorrow the cycle begins anew
Most are unaware of its effect
For them there is no other way


Merry Go Round - 2012/06/10

It is rancid and disgusting
Every sense is screaming no
The mind is clearly against
Even as lust is ready to go

Logic is now the anachronism
Shunned by any who dare walk
Where even an army of angels
Fear to go and casually balk

Stenches wafting from the core
Make any observers want to gag
Amongst them are motherfuckers
Who know they got it in the bag

Masters of the known universe
Toying with forces of mystery
Who believe they shall outrun
The forces which make history

Swinging on the gallow ropes
Crows have come for the feast
For death is the only method
We have to pacify this beast

So experience the everlasting
Cycle by which we are defined
Asking yourselves one question
Is there any path out to find


Antique - 2012/06/09

It scuttles across the floor
Simple minded it stays alive
We all dream of murdering it
Despite this it still thrives

Everything it makes is flawed
Elitism has this whipping boy
How can anybody be productive
With that cheap overrated toy

Cavemen hidden in plain sight
Ignored by all who could care
For they are now quite immune
To judgments harsh cold stare

Its successor quickly buried
Rotting in the paupers grave
It died fighting so valiantly
Killed by ones it was to save

Behold this a slice of future
Built from relics in the past
Even cruft made by daft fools
Has the chance to forever last

Let the infinite race continue
A thousand monkeys typing away
Given a long enough time line
They might supplant it one day


Bastard - 2012/06/06

Hot on my heels
Breath like hellfire
Intent on subduing
Every hope and desire

Words are no defense
Their ears sewn shut
Logic shall not deter
Their ability to cut

Their only offense
Will not be parried
The debts they birth
Ones we cannot carry

Marching in lockstep
With no pace and map
They play insane beats
Requiring us to clap

I alone cast them off
They are now powerless
For I dream of a future
Without useless regress

Free I may soon be
Or with another master
One way or another
I am now their bastard


Lady Laid Low - 2012/06/04

Eyes of luster ever gazing
Searching for any fool on shore
Half hibernating lying in wait

Suffering from separation
Entrapped within murky depths
Dead to all but lusting to hate

Ghastly hands which reach
Yet never breach the surface
Entrapped in an unfinished state

Struck silent by ineptitude
Blindfolded by a simple sloth
Bound to this contemptible fate

Such luxury is not afforded
To the specimen desiring life
Left to drown tied to a weight

So tell me the tale untold
Of a maiden and a gift of life
And the hunger you dared satiate


Passive Passion - 2012/06/03

I cradle it in my hands
Fully aware of its power
Though I remain paralyzed
Less apt to act than cower

It fills my head with dreams
Of a future in which I prevail
So why in the morning do I wake
With the strong feeling I failed

I seek to rid my brain of it
To wipe the slate clean for good
Yet when the time comes to choose
I find no solace in what I should

It forms the bars of my prison
While crafting a key for escape
It bravely stands between myself
And an eternal hellish mind rape

I feel its life resurrecting
Even after being so brutalized
As it appears to take even more
Than I might have ever realized

It has been allowed to die
In the stories that I do not tell
It is for that reason alone
That I have damned myself to hell


Hat Holders - 2012/06/01

Where do they wander
The ones long left behind
Shall we ever kill off
Ghosts joy could not find

Crawling from place to place
Dingy hats held in their hand
Calling out for passing help
Slowly enveloped by quicksand

Burn burn burn
They come not with the hoses
Cackle Cackle Cackle
Even as their coffin closes

Eyes glazed over
Their ears stuffed with ego
Misery loves company
So they still call you amigo

Fill your glass with scotch
And light up premium tobacco
To congratulate you yourself
On escaping from these wackos

For their time is not now
Though the clock is ticking
Fools persist to their doom
As they take another licking

Celebrate our short lives
By feasting upon their death
As nobody holds the right to
An infinite supply of breath


Midsummer Delusion - 2012/05/27

Blazing orb a symbol overhead
Of what will continue to be
Long after the ants are dead

White puffs compose formations
Gliding together as a lone soul
Ignoring low level machinations

Some pray some fight some ignore
Each and every one very ignorant
To ends mother fate has in store

Speck of light providing twilight
What hopes and dreams do you hold
To warm my heart in dark of night

Who amongst you dares to return
This glance that lasts a lifetime
Or a moment as the world does turn

Yet there is a single tiny bit
Which seems to be speckled black
The sickness to which we commit

On the horizon it mocks my words
For in time it shall then arrive
Even as we ignore screeching birds


Beyond the Dead End - 2012/05/26

The pinprick in the fabric
Hinting at an unknown side
Rays of multicolored light
Beckoned us to take a ride

What was once impenetrable
Is now easily rended apart
What was once so important
No longer plays a real part

Through the growling gash
A handful of us so climbed
While turning a blind eye
To horrors lurking behind

Fools chuckling manically
Marks of what came before
Bodies littering the path
A sign of what is in store

Always turn left young man
Evermore and we shall meet
Gaze on my throne of bones
Where you shall take a seat

Iron gauntlets and polearms
Coerce any way that you can
Rule over all your peasants
Proving to me you are a man

What has come of this dream
One from which I cannot wake
How many will suffer harshly
By the will of they who take

So few return from the veil
To gaze upon a simple place
Where the weak are at peace
And those strong are erased


Meat Grinder - 2012/05/21

There once was a man
Who lived in the van
Down by the river

We mocked him each day
With words we would say
He paid us no mind

Our big economy went bad
Leaving the masses so sad
And the man disappeared

Yet his big van remained
It stayed as if trained
So shunned by the world

One day there were two
Vans parked by the blue
Though we did not laugh

For the exodus now began
To escape wrath of the man
More vans parked riverside

Then the army stopped by
Told us to leave or to die
There our war was born

Though they may own it
We adamantly occupy it
Regardless of the cost

They were all cut down
Some shot some drowned
Others took their place


Spines of Glass - 2012/05/20

There was a dusty road
Cutting through fields in bloom
A scar twisting through landscape
Leading both to and from the doom

Flags fluttered in a breeze
Fireworks exploded in a shady sky
So textbook and stunningly serene
Nobody ever thought to consider why

History books awash with tales
Of men and deeds over inflated
Birthing generations of citizenry
Whose dogma could never be debated

Red blooded and religious
They voted their morals in mass
All while worshiping the very idea
They were polluting with their trash

Linked by the speed of light
Yet they ingest only the trash
Taking their hands off the wheel
Even as the train prepares to crash

Does the story make sense
Who will even argue it matters
Until the weak glass vertebrae
In our collective spine shatters


Babylon - 2012/05/19

Court is each day at the stroke of noon
While a few vagrants look on and wonder
Will a conclusion to this come too soon
Before a sane world can see the blunder

The kings forest maintains no more game
The queens nursery has wraiths of dread
As they have no living subjects to rule
Due to wars they wage within their head

They are blubbering and outright insane
Their progenies dancing on needle heads
Pretending to instruct all those lessor
While crafting monsters under warm beds

These majesties of kingdoms gone rancid
Squandered real glee without any regret
Now study a life born of manicured rage
They refuse to grant us leave to forget

Royal commands reduced to crass dribble
Are simply words strung without meaning
In a belief that their power is peaking
Ignoring how far the towers are leaning

Shall there be bedlam when they crumble
Only the return of a long belated peace
As they are the trespasser and squatter
Lacking the power to enact true release


Go For Broke - 2012/05/17

Buy buy buy
Spend your hard earned greenbacks
Sell sell sell
As the illusion fills with cracks

Print Print Print
Simply flipping bits in a database
Save Save Save
No interest puts you in last place

Talk Talk Talk
Never taking the time to listen
Fight Fight Fight
Clueless as to what you are missing

Leak Leak Leak
Every privacy has been emancipated
Film Film Film
Designing controversy to be aerated

Think Think Think
A luxury reserved only for outcasts
Fame Fame Fame
Capitalize effectively while it lasts

Vote Vote Vote
Despite the outcome being the same
Spend Spend Spend
Otherwise you cannot play the game

Dutch Door Action - 2012/05/17

Two morons
With a microphone in their hand
One or another
Will end up ruling our gray land

Lies aflutter
Suddenly take on a whole new life
Soon forgotten
When presented with any real strife

Lines are drawn
The fools line up on either side
Never realizing
They are being taken for a ride

Slurs are tossed
Real issues have no real impact
Criticism abound
Without actual substance or tact

Guns are drawn
Not by the few who choose to march
Legions of dogs
Going hungry and spiritually parched

Never a choice
As we walk the straight and narrow
Welcome to America
Where we build our very own barrow


Sell Out - 2012/05/13

Standing in black shined shoes
Wearing a freshly pressed suit
Raging about those homosexuals
Though deep down he is a fruit

He testifies he truly sold out
Before asking you to be devout
Hinting he knows what its about
Selling access to divine clout

He speaks with a great authority
Yet he didnt get any permission
He is now a moral straight edge
Secretly sinning at intermission

He isnt a true community leader
He is a trough and you a feeder
His real wife you wont meet her
Lost to the prop and the breeder

Lets face the cold hard truth
He tells lies you want to hear
And plays on your insecurities
By exaggerating everyones fear

Pass around the plate for tithes
Indulging a fantasy of our lives
Growth measured by hateful jives
As we enslave children and wives

Sunday morning is a mad illusion
It is the other days which matter
As they are free of mass delusion
And torrid tales of divine chatter


Chasm - 2012/04/29

Here layeth a chasm so wide
That it will not be crossed
Without diving into the pit
Into which souls are tossed

There once was a weak bridge
That spanned the great gorge
Victim of extended disrepair
Damned by a stone cold forge

Built by flames of perdition
It lacked an ability to last
Maintained by puerile actors
Behind whom power is amassed

Each year the pit gets wider
Distances measured in regret
To remember ones who fell in
Is a promise never to forget

Yet if the memory stays true
And every condition stagnant
Then chances of reconnection
Shall obviously remain scant

Welcome to a world of denial
Where this bridge withstands
Assaults of an army of myths
Those who cut at its strands

Observe the would be victims
In actuality dark aggressors
Who thrive on blood of babes
Disqualifying all successors

So here I am ready to depart
To join ones who came before
As the chasm breeds paranoia
A kind I cannot take anymore


Pinprick - 2012/04/23

They asked me to stop
Though I knew not how
So the facade crumbled

They begged me to save
Yet I possessed no power
While to doom we tumbled

Pieces of my imagination
Layers of logic gone mad
Taunt us at each crossing

The antidotes are missing
Lost to our exact counts
It is they we are tossing

Screams produced of hell
Unleashed by recklessness
The ship sinking by choice

There in the distant wind
That saintly sound emerges
Is it a dream or her voice

Who dares claim they know
Whilst the world so drifts
Into the annals of my blur

Only a fool claims to see
The truth built upon lies
Ignoring horrors that stir


Kindling - 2012/04/06

On the edge of town
There lay a decrepit house
Barely remaining upright
Boards flapping in the wind
It was an engaging sight

So many more await
Reveling in the insanity
Dead castles with no kings
But nightmares that answer
When the ghastly bell rings

A moderate breeze blew
Unnoticed on a summer day
Knocking over a dozen or so
Relics of a new age religion
Dogs of which work to not know

A vast horizon of derelicts
Greets glasses sans pink tint
So let us hoist a glass or two
Drowning our troubles in booze
Joining an army of the screwed


Pseudo Intellectual - 2012/03/23

I was given an assignment
That I sat down and wrote
Though the subject at hand
Never received my yea vote

So I decided to change it
Indulging in my creativity
Forgetting that I am a tool
Lacking actual sensitivity

To clearly judge qualities
Embodied in the end result
Meaning could somebody tell
It was written by an adult

It matters not to this ego
For I am smarter than you
If you disagree with this
You clearly lack any clue

Sadly the truth is very sad
As the work I wrote was bad
Is the audience overtly mad
Or will they label me a cad

This baby needs his bottle
Shall somebody go fetch it
Returning ready to wipe up
This nasty mess of my shit

Na na na na na na boo boo
Stick your hand in doo doo
Squish it
Squash it
Now you gotta wash it


Doo Doo House - 2012/03/18

I clearly remember the house
On the narrow dead end street
It was the most boring place
Though I was full of conceit

Yes there were some crosswords
Littered with Grandmas writing
The easy ones were left empty
Yet too hard and not exciting

They had a riding lawn mower
Which sometimes we got to take
Well until I leaped right off
Without first setting the brake

Sometimes they burned rubbish
In a big pile far far out back
Beyond that was a little creek
And a few miles of wooded track

Later there was a room of candy
Housing goodies to draw my eyes
Though they never gave me much
I grew to be one of the fat guys

Of course they had a television
I remember that useless antique
It never reached its potential
With no games of which to speak

There were some very nice trees
Where I tied a bottle with rope
Filled in it with spigot water
And swung at it like a mad dope

Twas this Doo Doo house I knew
I hold it close and quite dear
For it seems less and less bad
With each and every passing year


Matriarch - 2012/03/14

Drift back to the year of 1932
Then a tumultuous time for all
In the midst of the Depression
Soon ended by wars deadly call

Past trepidation and confusion
Life marched on with no respite
Interrupted by the special birth
We are here to celebrate tonight

So much of what we take for granted
Is but a part of this gift she gave
She fought to teach us to be better
Even while we schemed to misbehave

She has given of herself for years
Through acts of love and sacrifice
Still ever willing to lend her hand
Or offer shrewd and tempered advice

Sharp as a tack from dawn to dusk
Putting most of her peers to shame
Say what you shall of Joan Konopka
Except to lie and declare her lame

If it was visible she has seen it
Growing wiser while living the tale
Born in a time of vacuum tube radios
Evolving to instant worldwide email

Though she wants nothing in return
Tonight we need not pay it any mind
Take the time to tell her thank you
Sharing a story if you are inclined


Crow - 2012/03/04

Wings spreading
Gliding in the sky
Flapping with a fury
Rising to a new high
Crying out of anguish
Echoes heard for miles
By those harboring fear
Or with haphazard smiles

Freedom is on the wind
Propelled by the forces
Of tired ebony harbinger
Who spies our mad courses
Neither warning or whisper
Simply some recognition of
That regardless of outlook
Somebody watches from above

Power bequeathed by fools
Always awaiting any scraps
While launching their alms
To a god up high that flaps
Though we are but mere tools
In vast array of possibility
Derelict crows alone carry on
By any measure of probability


Leap Day - 2012/02/29

This is the day
Which should not be
Its not on my calendar
Yet you share your glee

Next year it wont exist
Yet memories will persist
Ignoring the obvious facts
This day is a morons attack

Unless your birthday is today
In which event you are a lie
As nobody will know your age
The day you keel over and die

Ignore the beer in the fridge
Just take a leap off a bridge
To make the day mean something
Beyond lies to which you cling

Now if you plan to celebrate
I shall order you to fuck off
As there is nothing about it
At all undeserving of scoff


Binary Baron - 2012/02/22

Flocks of bullets fly my way
Seems they hit a target today
Whatever shall they all say
Upon hearing the pilot was Jay

A smoldering wreckage lay untouched
Yet those harriers already approach
Looking to scavenge whatever remains
Rather than help they seek to poach

They arrive a midst the anticipation
Thoughts of treasure now distracting
Little do they know the trap is ready
A mechanism well defined and exacting

For that pilot was never really there
He played this game half a world away
His finger hovers over the red button
That may explosively ensnare his prey

This is the sound of fate stalking
That is the sound of fools walking
Followed by very few people balking
Now the angel of death is knocking


Black Box - 2012/02/21

Wisps of the past in my minds eye
Depart until it then seems obscene
To fetch the storied night tremors
Reminding me of a road not so clean

Skulls of those damned crunch aloud
As I strut impervious to their toil
Was it talent or merely simple luck
That allowed me to avoid their foil

Adventures taken are stories forgot
Apparitions sentenced to suspension
Though pretending we have no stories
Shall not silence unerring retention

Marbles strewn awry inside is a mess
Sum of the parts less than the whole
What is the magic that makes it tick
Or is it mechanical without any soul

In the hollows of the oncoming night
These are the sick harpies beckoning
One to choose between that emptiness
Or lie to delay inevitable reckoning


Asphyxia - 2012/02/15

Ebbing embers have long since faded
To the typical parlance of drab gray
Those mumbles are now whispers afoot
Yet I care not to know what they say
Are the words really urban and rough
Or is it my desire not to give a fuck
Why is it when these words are short
Listeners assume our vocabulary sucks

Little minds pile together on a sloop
Sleeping and slipping below the waves
The salt water transitions to invader
Prior to revealing it shall not save
Can the taste really be that caustic
When it is a concoction of our design
Welcome to the consequence of reality
Orphaned from fantasies of the divine

A handful of minds totally unhinged
Ingesting a few bits of free thought
Determined to reverse a dying course
By providing the solutions we sought
Why then do we pursue and dismantle
In an effort to subjugate their hope
Is it all not worth feeling the loss
Of the ever tightening hangmans rope


Early Morning Oxidation - 2012/02/12

In the foggy memory of the early morning
A great black plume rises from wreckage
Silence reigned respectfully by an edict
That this is the end of a mechanical age

Broken and battered the bodies lay about
Goggles and helmets nowhere to be counted
A bit of death has settled in this place
For the supremacy of man has been routed

For hours then days then into many weeks
No passerby arrived to examine the source
For the strong standing pitch black plume
Told a tale they wished to know of course

Was this a race a battle or a bit of both
The corpses rotting in the sun are silent
Unwilling to reveal if their sudden death
Was the product of an unexpected violence

What tales will spread in the era to come
To explain this unexplained dead artifact
Can the few minds fostering keen interest
Seperate out the falsehoods from the fact

None of this matters as the fire crackles
Spawning a scarring stench now in the air
Yet it cannot prevent debates years later
In which we argue that should we not care


Intellectual Wasteland - 2012/02/07

Drunken and lost
This is the midsummer night dream
Where life is not
The tiniest bit of what it seemed

Joyful and content
Unaware of the looming threats
Wafting forward
Towards the future that upsets

Sleepy and serene
The compulsion to let go enhanced
For only in there
Shall we remain forver entranced

Fearful and quiet
Praying for the danger to pass by
Ever silent in hopes
Nobody will ever dare to ask why

Hopeful and excited
The snake oil salesman speaks true
Even while suspecting
He is working on how to screw you

Foolish and incapable
Of learning from the many mistakes
Regardless of reality
Or of what our easy choices break


Eyes Sewn Shut - 2012/01/28

Feasting amongst murderous rabble
Their progencies still whispering
I see bloodlust on assorted faces
Born of a view that is blistering
Know good sir they are not wicked
For they hoist that cross up high
Oblivious that all our prosperity
Is fueled by souls allowed to die

Like creatures stalking the night
So they shall not be seen by prey
They have donned the mask of love
At least until the sun sets today
Behind shut doors the inner beast
Is encouraged to stretch its legs
Unconcerned by the ones destroyed
Regardless of how loudly they beg

Behold they are but mad cannibals
Content with consuming themselves
Lacking the conscience to prevent
Abandoned hearts on dusty shelves
Who among us can find the courage
To rationally see a chaotic world
By murdering convenient deception
Ignoring how angrily it is hurled


Down with Beets - 2012/01/26

If were to construct a religion
Fear would be my first priority
The ultimate avoidance of which
Could be achieved through piety
Yet I lack an ego fit for a God
As I am but a man who shall die
But perhaps acceptance of truth
Supplants my search to find why

If I was refactoring this world
I would wipe these slates clean
Relieving society of the stupid
Along with the sheep of the mean
Yet I lack the power or control
Required to accomplish the feat
Even as I would likely be bored
Fixing the world leaves me beat

If I could birth a real miracle
Assuming I could wield the will
For such power clearly corrupts
Forcing even the saints to kill
I would enact the sure genocide
Of a species alive to aggravate
For it is those miserable Beets
Behind the armies of petty hate

Fall in line and repeat after me
We shall eradicate all the Beets
By drafting ironclad legislation
To wage a new war in the streets
Vegetable dealers occupy corners
Selling junk to ones in the know
We shall not tolerate it anymore
Because God knows we cant say no


Spark - 2012/01/24

Akin to a stilleto in the throat
It slices through dying illusion
Driving out the age old spectors
Who thrive on demented collusion

Much like a single shaft of light
Penetrating great forboding pitch
It exists in spite of many actors
Trying to find and share a glitch

Yet its breaths are quite limited
Without assistance it will expire
Much like a tiny burgeoning spark
It may just set the world on fire


One Solemn Kiss - 2012/01/20

Slugs of the frayed feather
Wither and die off together
Glassy eyed bastards watch
For the psychedelic swatch
None amongst them realizes
Fools win the great prizes
Then again who dares claim
That they are not the same

Tower above your compatriots
Heaving meek and weary words
For a vicious strain of fear
Shields you from angry herds
Thrust out your pudgy hands
Accepting offers of peasants
Even as you fight to deprive
Them of their earned presents

Come to the pits of a bedlam
The reaction to poor choices
Hear the howls of the damned
In many once familiar voices
I wish you welcome to a realm
Springing from every crevice
As it finally infects you too
With its dreadful solemn kiss


Romney - 2012/01/19

This is to anybody with lots of cash
My speeches are officially for rent
I will not create thoughts of my own
Making your donation worth every cent

If you want me to sell it then I will
What I said last week does not matter
As behind the scenes I will do battle
Just ignore the vapid elitist chatter

Lets go over the specific particulars
Little Mitt was the all American boy
Pledging to love his country each day
As others grew up learning to destroy

I know my competitors are good people
Who knows why that PAC says otherwise
While it is run by my former staffers
Their motivations I shall not surmise

So please feel free to vote for Mitt
Let me win for a break from the drama
If you feel disgust that I am a twit
Remember only a honky can beat Obama


Paul - 2012/01/17

You know him as the whack white guy
With bushy eyebrows and crazy hair
He still calls himself a Republican
Even though his party does not care

He appears at each legitimate debate
Sharing facts that are then ignored
While the sheep in his party look on
Making noise and looking quite bored

The American Empire is dying he says
What worked once will not any longer
If my words scare the shit outta you
Remember truth will make us stronger

Alas he has all but been written off
For religious boobs the party loathes
Who spout the same nonsense each year
Driving off the brainpower in droves

What else can I say about this relic
Beyond asking why he does not give up
Just be grateful that he still remains
Working to help a world ready to erupt


Huntsman - 2012/01/14

Being sane is not in the cards
When you associate with the GOP
So poor Jon will be left behind
With potential we refuse to see

Some claim he is not an American
For adopting children from China
Though he who makes such a claim
Is compensating for their mangina

He came in third and got a ticket
Yet it was only for the next stop
Because in a world of the foolish
He simply cannot come out on top

If only he ran a few commercials
Acting like hes dumb and negative
All his donations would increase
Giving a campaign license to live

He refuses to play on those terms
Hence never kowtowing to imbeciles
So I wonder how he expected to win
In a GOP that enjoys cheap thrills


Perry - 2012/01/12

There once was a man from Texas
Who filled the role of Democrat
Prior to becoming king of beans
Joined the GOP and that was that

He succeeded Dubya as a governor
Of Americas trigger happy state
They go from dumbass to dumbass
As electing fools is their fate

Nevertheless Rick is now trying
To become our next bad president
Is it any shock that he desires
To go where Curious George went

He will cut government agencies
When he can remember which ones
Slashing your taxes to the bone
Hunting at Niggerhead with guns

Soon when they write the movie
Mr Brolin will be asked to play
A tool emulating a reviled fool
Who just gets dumber by the day


Gingrich - 2012/01/09

This storys about a boy named Newt
Crawling out of a swamp in Georgia
A Stepford wife along for the ride
He was a Republican no fucking duh

That boy loved getting up on stage
To flap his arms like a rabid boar
He kept right on running his mouth
Till people couldnt take it no more

So he went away for about a decade
Selling out to the highest bidders
Decided one day he was rich enough
And played like he wasnt a quitter

But then some people told the truth
And put that shit up on television
Which pissed big Newt off who vowed
To slay his opponents with derision

Keep an eye on Newt boys and girls
Hes a few cans short of a six pack
Cause hes on TV yelling and crying
Not stopping till they take it back


Santorum - 2012/01/07

He is a crazy son of a bitch
Holding the cross in his hand
He spews an incoherent stream
Now broadcast across the land

A bunch of corn fed fools voted
Decided that he was second best
As nobody else was attacking him
Making him cleaner than the rest

Now hes raking in the big bucks
Spreading his word far and wide
Leaving tools that voted for him
Without any quiet place to hide

Laugh while voices in their head
Deny the reality of their savior
Watch as they go insane ignoring
His crazy and irrational behavior

Google his last name if you doubt
The first link will explain it all
It will explain what Rick is about
In words that are simple and small

Just vote Santorum to save America
Because God is clearly unconcerned
That after Rick devours whats left
The dogma of idiocy must be burned