Eyes Sewn Shut - 2012/01/28

Feasting amongst murderous rabble
Their progencies still whispering
I see bloodlust on assorted faces
Born of a view that is blistering
Know good sir they are not wicked
For they hoist that cross up high
Oblivious that all our prosperity
Is fueled by souls allowed to die

Like creatures stalking the night
So they shall not be seen by prey
They have donned the mask of love
At least until the sun sets today
Behind shut doors the inner beast
Is encouraged to stretch its legs
Unconcerned by the ones destroyed
Regardless of how loudly they beg

Behold they are but mad cannibals
Content with consuming themselves
Lacking the conscience to prevent
Abandoned hearts on dusty shelves
Who among us can find the courage
To rationally see a chaotic world
By murdering convenient deception
Ignoring how angrily it is hurled


Down with Beets - 2012/01/26

If were to construct a religion
Fear would be my first priority
The ultimate avoidance of which
Could be achieved through piety
Yet I lack an ego fit for a God
As I am but a man who shall die
But perhaps acceptance of truth
Supplants my search to find why

If I was refactoring this world
I would wipe these slates clean
Relieving society of the stupid
Along with the sheep of the mean
Yet I lack the power or control
Required to accomplish the feat
Even as I would likely be bored
Fixing the world leaves me beat

If I could birth a real miracle
Assuming I could wield the will
For such power clearly corrupts
Forcing even the saints to kill
I would enact the sure genocide
Of a species alive to aggravate
For it is those miserable Beets
Behind the armies of petty hate

Fall in line and repeat after me
We shall eradicate all the Beets
By drafting ironclad legislation
To wage a new war in the streets
Vegetable dealers occupy corners
Selling junk to ones in the know
We shall not tolerate it anymore
Because God knows we cant say no


Spark - 2012/01/24

Akin to a stilleto in the throat
It slices through dying illusion
Driving out the age old spectors
Who thrive on demented collusion

Much like a single shaft of light
Penetrating great forboding pitch
It exists in spite of many actors
Trying to find and share a glitch

Yet its breaths are quite limited
Without assistance it will expire
Much like a tiny burgeoning spark
It may just set the world on fire


One Solemn Kiss - 2012/01/20

Slugs of the frayed feather
Wither and die off together
Glassy eyed bastards watch
For the psychedelic swatch
None amongst them realizes
Fools win the great prizes
Then again who dares claim
That they are not the same

Tower above your compatriots
Heaving meek and weary words
For a vicious strain of fear
Shields you from angry herds
Thrust out your pudgy hands
Accepting offers of peasants
Even as you fight to deprive
Them of their earned presents

Come to the pits of a bedlam
The reaction to poor choices
Hear the howls of the damned
In many once familiar voices
I wish you welcome to a realm
Springing from every crevice
As it finally infects you too
With its dreadful solemn kiss


Romney - 2012/01/19

This is to anybody with lots of cash
My speeches are officially for rent
I will not create thoughts of my own
Making your donation worth every cent

If you want me to sell it then I will
What I said last week does not matter
As behind the scenes I will do battle
Just ignore the vapid elitist chatter

Lets go over the specific particulars
Little Mitt was the all American boy
Pledging to love his country each day
As others grew up learning to destroy

I know my competitors are good people
Who knows why that PAC says otherwise
While it is run by my former staffers
Their motivations I shall not surmise

So please feel free to vote for Mitt
Let me win for a break from the drama
If you feel disgust that I am a twit
Remember only a honky can beat Obama


Paul - 2012/01/17

You know him as the whack white guy
With bushy eyebrows and crazy hair
He still calls himself a Republican
Even though his party does not care

He appears at each legitimate debate
Sharing facts that are then ignored
While the sheep in his party look on
Making noise and looking quite bored

The American Empire is dying he says
What worked once will not any longer
If my words scare the shit outta you
Remember truth will make us stronger

Alas he has all but been written off
For religious boobs the party loathes
Who spout the same nonsense each year
Driving off the brainpower in droves

What else can I say about this relic
Beyond asking why he does not give up
Just be grateful that he still remains
Working to help a world ready to erupt


Huntsman - 2012/01/14

Being sane is not in the cards
When you associate with the GOP
So poor Jon will be left behind
With potential we refuse to see

Some claim he is not an American
For adopting children from China
Though he who makes such a claim
Is compensating for their mangina

He came in third and got a ticket
Yet it was only for the next stop
Because in a world of the foolish
He simply cannot come out on top

If only he ran a few commercials
Acting like hes dumb and negative
All his donations would increase
Giving a campaign license to live

He refuses to play on those terms
Hence never kowtowing to imbeciles
So I wonder how he expected to win
In a GOP that enjoys cheap thrills


Perry - 2012/01/12

There once was a man from Texas
Who filled the role of Democrat
Prior to becoming king of beans
Joined the GOP and that was that

He succeeded Dubya as a governor
Of Americas trigger happy state
They go from dumbass to dumbass
As electing fools is their fate

Nevertheless Rick is now trying
To become our next bad president
Is it any shock that he desires
To go where Curious George went

He will cut government agencies
When he can remember which ones
Slashing your taxes to the bone
Hunting at Niggerhead with guns

Soon when they write the movie
Mr Brolin will be asked to play
A tool emulating a reviled fool
Who just gets dumber by the day


Gingrich - 2012/01/09

This storys about a boy named Newt
Crawling out of a swamp in Georgia
A Stepford wife along for the ride
He was a Republican no fucking duh

That boy loved getting up on stage
To flap his arms like a rabid boar
He kept right on running his mouth
Till people couldnt take it no more

So he went away for about a decade
Selling out to the highest bidders
Decided one day he was rich enough
And played like he wasnt a quitter

But then some people told the truth
And put that shit up on television
Which pissed big Newt off who vowed
To slay his opponents with derision

Keep an eye on Newt boys and girls
Hes a few cans short of a six pack
Cause hes on TV yelling and crying
Not stopping till they take it back


Santorum - 2012/01/07

He is a crazy son of a bitch
Holding the cross in his hand
He spews an incoherent stream
Now broadcast across the land

A bunch of corn fed fools voted
Decided that he was second best
As nobody else was attacking him
Making him cleaner than the rest

Now hes raking in the big bucks
Spreading his word far and wide
Leaving tools that voted for him
Without any quiet place to hide

Laugh while voices in their head
Deny the reality of their savior
Watch as they go insane ignoring
His crazy and irrational behavior

Google his last name if you doubt
The first link will explain it all
It will explain what Rick is about
In words that are simple and small

Just vote Santorum to save America
Because God is clearly unconcerned
That after Rick devours whats left
The dogma of idiocy must be burned