Down with Beets - 2012/01/26

If were to construct a religion
Fear would be my first priority
The ultimate avoidance of which
Could be achieved through piety
Yet I lack an ego fit for a God
As I am but a man who shall die
But perhaps acceptance of truth
Supplants my search to find why

If I was refactoring this world
I would wipe these slates clean
Relieving society of the stupid
Along with the sheep of the mean
Yet I lack the power or control
Required to accomplish the feat
Even as I would likely be bored
Fixing the world leaves me beat

If I could birth a real miracle
Assuming I could wield the will
For such power clearly corrupts
Forcing even the saints to kill
I would enact the sure genocide
Of a species alive to aggravate
For it is those miserable Beets
Behind the armies of petty hate

Fall in line and repeat after me
We shall eradicate all the Beets
By drafting ironclad legislation
To wage a new war in the streets
Vegetable dealers occupy corners
Selling junk to ones in the know
We shall not tolerate it anymore
Because God knows we cant say no

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