Eyes Sewn Shut - 2012/01/28

Feasting amongst murderous rabble
Their progencies still whispering
I see bloodlust on assorted faces
Born of a view that is blistering
Know good sir they are not wicked
For they hoist that cross up high
Oblivious that all our prosperity
Is fueled by souls allowed to die

Like creatures stalking the night
So they shall not be seen by prey
They have donned the mask of love
At least until the sun sets today
Behind shut doors the inner beast
Is encouraged to stretch its legs
Unconcerned by the ones destroyed
Regardless of how loudly they beg

Behold they are but mad cannibals
Content with consuming themselves
Lacking the conscience to prevent
Abandoned hearts on dusty shelves
Who among us can find the courage
To rationally see a chaotic world
By murdering convenient deception
Ignoring how angrily it is hurled

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