Gingrich - 2012/01/09

This storys about a boy named Newt
Crawling out of a swamp in Georgia
A Stepford wife along for the ride
He was a Republican no fucking duh

That boy loved getting up on stage
To flap his arms like a rabid boar
He kept right on running his mouth
Till people couldnt take it no more

So he went away for about a decade
Selling out to the highest bidders
Decided one day he was rich enough
And played like he wasnt a quitter

But then some people told the truth
And put that shit up on television
Which pissed big Newt off who vowed
To slay his opponents with derision

Keep an eye on Newt boys and girls
Hes a few cans short of a six pack
Cause hes on TV yelling and crying
Not stopping till they take it back

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