One Solemn Kiss - 2012/01/20

Slugs of the frayed feather
Wither and die off together
Glassy eyed bastards watch
For the psychedelic swatch
None amongst them realizes
Fools win the great prizes
Then again who dares claim
That they are not the same

Tower above your compatriots
Heaving meek and weary words
For a vicious strain of fear
Shields you from angry herds
Thrust out your pudgy hands
Accepting offers of peasants
Even as you fight to deprive
Them of their earned presents

Come to the pits of a bedlam
The reaction to poor choices
Hear the howls of the damned
In many once familiar voices
I wish you welcome to a realm
Springing from every crevice
As it finally infects you too
With its dreadful solemn kiss

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