Leap Day - 2012/02/29

This is the day
Which should not be
Its not on my calendar
Yet you share your glee

Next year it wont exist
Yet memories will persist
Ignoring the obvious facts
This day is a morons attack

Unless your birthday is today
In which event you are a lie
As nobody will know your age
The day you keel over and die

Ignore the beer in the fridge
Just take a leap off a bridge
To make the day mean something
Beyond lies to which you cling

Now if you plan to celebrate
I shall order you to fuck off
As there is nothing about it
At all undeserving of scoff


Binary Baron - 2012/02/22

Flocks of bullets fly my way
Seems they hit a target today
Whatever shall they all say
Upon hearing the pilot was Jay

A smoldering wreckage lay untouched
Yet those harriers already approach
Looking to scavenge whatever remains
Rather than help they seek to poach

They arrive a midst the anticipation
Thoughts of treasure now distracting
Little do they know the trap is ready
A mechanism well defined and exacting

For that pilot was never really there
He played this game half a world away
His finger hovers over the red button
That may explosively ensnare his prey

This is the sound of fate stalking
That is the sound of fools walking
Followed by very few people balking
Now the angel of death is knocking


Black Box - 2012/02/21

Wisps of the past in my minds eye
Depart until it then seems obscene
To fetch the storied night tremors
Reminding me of a road not so clean

Skulls of those damned crunch aloud
As I strut impervious to their toil
Was it talent or merely simple luck
That allowed me to avoid their foil

Adventures taken are stories forgot
Apparitions sentenced to suspension
Though pretending we have no stories
Shall not silence unerring retention

Marbles strewn awry inside is a mess
Sum of the parts less than the whole
What is the magic that makes it tick
Or is it mechanical without any soul

In the hollows of the oncoming night
These are the sick harpies beckoning
One to choose between that emptiness
Or lie to delay inevitable reckoning


Asphyxia - 2012/02/15

Ebbing embers have long since faded
To the typical parlance of drab gray
Those mumbles are now whispers afoot
Yet I care not to know what they say
Are the words really urban and rough
Or is it my desire not to give a fuck
Why is it when these words are short
Listeners assume our vocabulary sucks

Little minds pile together on a sloop
Sleeping and slipping below the waves
The salt water transitions to invader
Prior to revealing it shall not save
Can the taste really be that caustic
When it is a concoction of our design
Welcome to the consequence of reality
Orphaned from fantasies of the divine

A handful of minds totally unhinged
Ingesting a few bits of free thought
Determined to reverse a dying course
By providing the solutions we sought
Why then do we pursue and dismantle
In an effort to subjugate their hope
Is it all not worth feeling the loss
Of the ever tightening hangmans rope


Early Morning Oxidation - 2012/02/12

In the foggy memory of the early morning
A great black plume rises from wreckage
Silence reigned respectfully by an edict
That this is the end of a mechanical age

Broken and battered the bodies lay about
Goggles and helmets nowhere to be counted
A bit of death has settled in this place
For the supremacy of man has been routed

For hours then days then into many weeks
No passerby arrived to examine the source
For the strong standing pitch black plume
Told a tale they wished to know of course

Was this a race a battle or a bit of both
The corpses rotting in the sun are silent
Unwilling to reveal if their sudden death
Was the product of an unexpected violence

What tales will spread in the era to come
To explain this unexplained dead artifact
Can the few minds fostering keen interest
Seperate out the falsehoods from the fact

None of this matters as the fire crackles
Spawning a scarring stench now in the air
Yet it cannot prevent debates years later
In which we argue that should we not care


Intellectual Wasteland - 2012/02/07

Drunken and lost
This is the midsummer night dream
Where life is not
The tiniest bit of what it seemed

Joyful and content
Unaware of the looming threats
Wafting forward
Towards the future that upsets

Sleepy and serene
The compulsion to let go enhanced
For only in there
Shall we remain forver entranced

Fearful and quiet
Praying for the danger to pass by
Ever silent in hopes
Nobody will ever dare to ask why

Hopeful and excited
The snake oil salesman speaks true
Even while suspecting
He is working on how to screw you

Foolish and incapable
Of learning from the many mistakes
Regardless of reality
Or of what our easy choices break