Asphyxia - 2012/02/15

Ebbing embers have long since faded
To the typical parlance of drab gray
Those mumbles are now whispers afoot
Yet I care not to know what they say
Are the words really urban and rough
Or is it my desire not to give a fuck
Why is it when these words are short
Listeners assume our vocabulary sucks

Little minds pile together on a sloop
Sleeping and slipping below the waves
The salt water transitions to invader
Prior to revealing it shall not save
Can the taste really be that caustic
When it is a concoction of our design
Welcome to the consequence of reality
Orphaned from fantasies of the divine

A handful of minds totally unhinged
Ingesting a few bits of free thought
Determined to reverse a dying course
By providing the solutions we sought
Why then do we pursue and dismantle
In an effort to subjugate their hope
Is it all not worth feeling the loss
Of the ever tightening hangmans rope

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