Doo Doo House - 2012/03/18

I clearly remember the house
On the narrow dead end street
It was the most boring place
Though I was full of conceit

Yes there were some crosswords
Littered with Grandmas writing
The easy ones were left empty
Yet too hard and not exciting

They had a riding lawn mower
Which sometimes we got to take
Well until I leaped right off
Without first setting the brake

Sometimes they burned rubbish
In a big pile far far out back
Beyond that was a little creek
And a few miles of wooded track

Later there was a room of candy
Housing goodies to draw my eyes
Though they never gave me much
I grew to be one of the fat guys

Of course they had a television
I remember that useless antique
It never reached its potential
With no games of which to speak

There were some very nice trees
Where I tied a bottle with rope
Filled in it with spigot water
And swung at it like a mad dope

Twas this Doo Doo house I knew
I hold it close and quite dear
For it seems less and less bad
With each and every passing year

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