Pseudo Intellectual - 2012/03/23

I was given an assignment
That I sat down and wrote
Though the subject at hand
Never received my yea vote

So I decided to change it
Indulging in my creativity
Forgetting that I am a tool
Lacking actual sensitivity

To clearly judge qualities
Embodied in the end result
Meaning could somebody tell
It was written by an adult

It matters not to this ego
For I am smarter than you
If you disagree with this
You clearly lack any clue

Sadly the truth is very sad
As the work I wrote was bad
Is the audience overtly mad
Or will they label me a cad

This baby needs his bottle
Shall somebody go fetch it
Returning ready to wipe up
This nasty mess of my shit

Na na na na na na boo boo
Stick your hand in doo doo
Squish it
Squash it
Now you gotta wash it

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