Chasm - 2012/04/29

Here layeth a chasm so wide
That it will not be crossed
Without diving into the pit
Into which souls are tossed

There once was a weak bridge
That spanned the great gorge
Victim of extended disrepair
Damned by a stone cold forge

Built by flames of perdition
It lacked an ability to last
Maintained by puerile actors
Behind whom power is amassed

Each year the pit gets wider
Distances measured in regret
To remember ones who fell in
Is a promise never to forget

Yet if the memory stays true
And every condition stagnant
Then chances of reconnection
Shall obviously remain scant

Welcome to a world of denial
Where this bridge withstands
Assaults of an army of myths
Those who cut at its strands

Observe the would be victims
In actuality dark aggressors
Who thrive on blood of babes
Disqualifying all successors

So here I am ready to depart
To join ones who came before
As the chasm breeds paranoia
A kind I cannot take anymore

1 comment:

  1. One day you will understand. With understanding comes enlightenment and wisdom.