Midsummer Delusion - 2012/05/27

Blazing orb a symbol overhead
Of what will continue to be
Long after the ants are dead

White puffs compose formations
Gliding together as a lone soul
Ignoring low level machinations

Some pray some fight some ignore
Each and every one very ignorant
To ends mother fate has in store

Speck of light providing twilight
What hopes and dreams do you hold
To warm my heart in dark of night

Who amongst you dares to return
This glance that lasts a lifetime
Or a moment as the world does turn

Yet there is a single tiny bit
Which seems to be speckled black
The sickness to which we commit

On the horizon it mocks my words
For in time it shall then arrive
Even as we ignore screeching birds


Beyond the Dead End - 2012/05/26

The pinprick in the fabric
Hinting at an unknown side
Rays of multicolored light
Beckoned us to take a ride

What was once impenetrable
Is now easily rended apart
What was once so important
No longer plays a real part

Through the growling gash
A handful of us so climbed
While turning a blind eye
To horrors lurking behind

Fools chuckling manically
Marks of what came before
Bodies littering the path
A sign of what is in store

Always turn left young man
Evermore and we shall meet
Gaze on my throne of bones
Where you shall take a seat

Iron gauntlets and polearms
Coerce any way that you can
Rule over all your peasants
Proving to me you are a man

What has come of this dream
One from which I cannot wake
How many will suffer harshly
By the will of they who take

So few return from the veil
To gaze upon a simple place
Where the weak are at peace
And those strong are erased


Meat Grinder - 2012/05/21

There once was a man
Who lived in the van
Down by the river

We mocked him each day
With words we would say
He paid us no mind

Our big economy went bad
Leaving the masses so sad
And the man disappeared

Yet his big van remained
It stayed as if trained
So shunned by the world

One day there were two
Vans parked by the blue
Though we did not laugh

For the exodus now began
To escape wrath of the man
More vans parked riverside

Then the army stopped by
Told us to leave or to die
There our war was born

Though they may own it
We adamantly occupy it
Regardless of the cost

They were all cut down
Some shot some drowned
Others took their place


Spines of Glass - 2012/05/20

There was a dusty road
Cutting through fields in bloom
A scar twisting through landscape
Leading both to and from the doom

Flags fluttered in a breeze
Fireworks exploded in a shady sky
So textbook and stunningly serene
Nobody ever thought to consider why

History books awash with tales
Of men and deeds over inflated
Birthing generations of citizenry
Whose dogma could never be debated

Red blooded and religious
They voted their morals in mass
All while worshiping the very idea
They were polluting with their trash

Linked by the speed of light
Yet they ingest only the trash
Taking their hands off the wheel
Even as the train prepares to crash

Does the story make sense
Who will even argue it matters
Until the weak glass vertebrae
In our collective spine shatters


Babylon - 2012/05/19

Court is each day at the stroke of noon
While a few vagrants look on and wonder
Will a conclusion to this come too soon
Before a sane world can see the blunder

The kings forest maintains no more game
The queens nursery has wraiths of dread
As they have no living subjects to rule
Due to wars they wage within their head

They are blubbering and outright insane
Their progenies dancing on needle heads
Pretending to instruct all those lessor
While crafting monsters under warm beds

These majesties of kingdoms gone rancid
Squandered real glee without any regret
Now study a life born of manicured rage
They refuse to grant us leave to forget

Royal commands reduced to crass dribble
Are simply words strung without meaning
In a belief that their power is peaking
Ignoring how far the towers are leaning

Shall there be bedlam when they crumble
Only the return of a long belated peace
As they are the trespasser and squatter
Lacking the power to enact true release


Go For Broke - 2012/05/17

Buy buy buy
Spend your hard earned greenbacks
Sell sell sell
As the illusion fills with cracks

Print Print Print
Simply flipping bits in a database
Save Save Save
No interest puts you in last place

Talk Talk Talk
Never taking the time to listen
Fight Fight Fight
Clueless as to what you are missing

Leak Leak Leak
Every privacy has been emancipated
Film Film Film
Designing controversy to be aerated

Think Think Think
A luxury reserved only for outcasts
Fame Fame Fame
Capitalize effectively while it lasts

Vote Vote Vote
Despite the outcome being the same
Spend Spend Spend
Otherwise you cannot play the game

Dutch Door Action - 2012/05/17

Two morons
With a microphone in their hand
One or another
Will end up ruling our gray land

Lies aflutter
Suddenly take on a whole new life
Soon forgotten
When presented with any real strife

Lines are drawn
The fools line up on either side
Never realizing
They are being taken for a ride

Slurs are tossed
Real issues have no real impact
Criticism abound
Without actual substance or tact

Guns are drawn
Not by the few who choose to march
Legions of dogs
Going hungry and spiritually parched

Never a choice
As we walk the straight and narrow
Welcome to America
Where we build our very own barrow


Sell Out - 2012/05/13

Standing in black shined shoes
Wearing a freshly pressed suit
Raging about those homosexuals
Though deep down he is a fruit

He testifies he truly sold out
Before asking you to be devout
Hinting he knows what its about
Selling access to divine clout

He speaks with a great authority
Yet he didnt get any permission
He is now a moral straight edge
Secretly sinning at intermission

He isnt a true community leader
He is a trough and you a feeder
His real wife you wont meet her
Lost to the prop and the breeder

Lets face the cold hard truth
He tells lies you want to hear
And plays on your insecurities
By exaggerating everyones fear

Pass around the plate for tithes
Indulging a fantasy of our lives
Growth measured by hateful jives
As we enslave children and wives

Sunday morning is a mad illusion
It is the other days which matter
As they are free of mass delusion
And torrid tales of divine chatter