Beyond the Dead End - 2012/05/26

The pinprick in the fabric
Hinting at an unknown side
Rays of multicolored light
Beckoned us to take a ride

What was once impenetrable
Is now easily rended apart
What was once so important
No longer plays a real part

Through the growling gash
A handful of us so climbed
While turning a blind eye
To horrors lurking behind

Fools chuckling manically
Marks of what came before
Bodies littering the path
A sign of what is in store

Always turn left young man
Evermore and we shall meet
Gaze on my throne of bones
Where you shall take a seat

Iron gauntlets and polearms
Coerce any way that you can
Rule over all your peasants
Proving to me you are a man

What has come of this dream
One from which I cannot wake
How many will suffer harshly
By the will of they who take

So few return from the veil
To gaze upon a simple place
Where the weak are at peace
And those strong are erased

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