Sell Out - 2012/05/13

Standing in black shined shoes
Wearing a freshly pressed suit
Raging about those homosexuals
Though deep down he is a fruit

He testifies he truly sold out
Before asking you to be devout
Hinting he knows what its about
Selling access to divine clout

He speaks with a great authority
Yet he didnt get any permission
He is now a moral straight edge
Secretly sinning at intermission

He isnt a true community leader
He is a trough and you a feeder
His real wife you wont meet her
Lost to the prop and the breeder

Lets face the cold hard truth
He tells lies you want to hear
And plays on your insecurities
By exaggerating everyones fear

Pass around the plate for tithes
Indulging a fantasy of our lives
Growth measured by hateful jives
As we enslave children and wives

Sunday morning is a mad illusion
It is the other days which matter
As they are free of mass delusion
And torrid tales of divine chatter

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