Spines of Glass - 2012/05/20

There was a dusty road
Cutting through fields in bloom
A scar twisting through landscape
Leading both to and from the doom

Flags fluttered in a breeze
Fireworks exploded in a shady sky
So textbook and stunningly serene
Nobody ever thought to consider why

History books awash with tales
Of men and deeds over inflated
Birthing generations of citizenry
Whose dogma could never be debated

Red blooded and religious
They voted their morals in mass
All while worshiping the very idea
They were polluting with their trash

Linked by the speed of light
Yet they ingest only the trash
Taking their hands off the wheel
Even as the train prepares to crash

Does the story make sense
Who will even argue it matters
Until the weak glass vertebrae
In our collective spine shatters

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