POW - 2012/06/30

He carries the gun in his hand
Along with a frown on his face
Even while lounging back home
He is a prisoner in that place

It has dug its hooks down deep
Tugging every second every day
His mind is smoldering and mad
Ready to kill anyone in his way

He is angry despite his action
A speaker of words not his own
For across the ocean from hell
He is strung out and ever alone

It beckons with tones of allure
Driving his life into the ditch
He ingests the poison it shares
Making love to the rancid bitch

He lashes out indiscriminately
Even at those who try and save
All still suffering for whims
Of powerful fools not so brave

Silently I shall weep for him
As his murderous hatred rises
He is that machine subjugated
Driven by another who devises

We can hope one day he returns
From that prison very far away
Ready to open those weary eyes
And face the light of a new day


Mad and Meek - 2012/06/24

Stolid confessors file inside
Demons nipping at their heels
Their eyes so vague and empty
Contemplating the vapid ideal

It is this mortal forgiveness
They dutifully attend to seek
Without this spiritual crutch
They are the mad and the meek

Their hearts will not believe
With the mind rendered vacant
As they desire to be deceived
Mingling with others in chant

Together they stand in unison
The detractors excommunicated
Ever searching for the target
To be trampled and desecrated

Outside in the huddled masses
Live the remnants of delusion
Silent cold and ever starving
Refusing to worship confusion


Salute - 2012/06/20

This scotch in my glass
Flows like terrible rain
I know there is no amount
That can really kill pain

Yet here I am in my chair
Ignoring a world at large
Infested with the sad news
That now lies in my charge

Fate is the vicious cunt
Whose path I choose to map
And when I am proven right
I find myself in its trap

While I am sober it mocks
Liquored up it gets worse
So here I am writing down
Words to decorate a hearse

How can tomorrow be coming
When today looms so strong
Can the world sleep soundly
When so much in it is wrong

With just one final snort
I will forget that I care
Yet it is wrong to forget
One who is no longer there

Fossils - 2012/06/20

Skulls litter the path
Hammers turn them to dust
From their eyes ooze rust

A forlorn wind howls
Scaring deceased denizens
Gazing through their lens

Mirrors glare brightly
And lemmings dare not gaze
Past the dream into a maze

Gods unconcerned toil
Attention diverted forever
From their failed endeavor

Stars now snuffed out
Will shine light years away
Saving dusk for another day

Skulls litter the path
Fossils of fools from before
Will we see what is in store


Icarus - 2012/06/17

Barren and broken
Stones large and small lay
Crevices and cracks
Lay a path to escape today

Millenniums etched
Atom by atom slowly lost
Each rising sun brings
Less realization of cost

Upwards we do scurry
Fighting against the odds
Doing so in a hurry
Unconcerned with angry gods

Beautiful birds above
Gliding in the jet stream
Haughty by their nature
Yet the face of our dream

Then they do plummet
As stones tossed casually
We pay them no concern
Climbing with great glee

The throne sits empty
Only too willing to devour
He who still believes
In eternal unlimited power


Worker Bees - 2012/06/12

Groggily they rise from beds
Seeking stimulants with fervor
For them there is no other way

They proceed to work in droves
Herded like cattle for the kill
Believing its just another day

Facing a wall of pointlessness
In the form of mad assignments
Democracy yet they have no say

They rush out for a brief lunch
Lusting for even a tiny escape
Ready to return home and play

Yet their time is forever lost
Scattered as ashes in the wind
This body which they ever flay

Tomorrow the cycle begins anew
Most are unaware of its effect
For them there is no other way


Merry Go Round - 2012/06/10

It is rancid and disgusting
Every sense is screaming no
The mind is clearly against
Even as lust is ready to go

Logic is now the anachronism
Shunned by any who dare walk
Where even an army of angels
Fear to go and casually balk

Stenches wafting from the core
Make any observers want to gag
Amongst them are motherfuckers
Who know they got it in the bag

Masters of the known universe
Toying with forces of mystery
Who believe they shall outrun
The forces which make history

Swinging on the gallow ropes
Crows have come for the feast
For death is the only method
We have to pacify this beast

So experience the everlasting
Cycle by which we are defined
Asking yourselves one question
Is there any path out to find


Antique - 2012/06/09

It scuttles across the floor
Simple minded it stays alive
We all dream of murdering it
Despite this it still thrives

Everything it makes is flawed
Elitism has this whipping boy
How can anybody be productive
With that cheap overrated toy

Cavemen hidden in plain sight
Ignored by all who could care
For they are now quite immune
To judgments harsh cold stare

Its successor quickly buried
Rotting in the paupers grave
It died fighting so valiantly
Killed by ones it was to save

Behold this a slice of future
Built from relics in the past
Even cruft made by daft fools
Has the chance to forever last

Let the infinite race continue
A thousand monkeys typing away
Given a long enough time line
They might supplant it one day


Bastard - 2012/06/06

Hot on my heels
Breath like hellfire
Intent on subduing
Every hope and desire

Words are no defense
Their ears sewn shut
Logic shall not deter
Their ability to cut

Their only offense
Will not be parried
The debts they birth
Ones we cannot carry

Marching in lockstep
With no pace and map
They play insane beats
Requiring us to clap

I alone cast them off
They are now powerless
For I dream of a future
Without useless regress

Free I may soon be
Or with another master
One way or another
I am now their bastard


Lady Laid Low - 2012/06/04

Eyes of luster ever gazing
Searching for any fool on shore
Half hibernating lying in wait

Suffering from separation
Entrapped within murky depths
Dead to all but lusting to hate

Ghastly hands which reach
Yet never breach the surface
Entrapped in an unfinished state

Struck silent by ineptitude
Blindfolded by a simple sloth
Bound to this contemptible fate

Such luxury is not afforded
To the specimen desiring life
Left to drown tied to a weight

So tell me the tale untold
Of a maiden and a gift of life
And the hunger you dared satiate


Passive Passion - 2012/06/03

I cradle it in my hands
Fully aware of its power
Though I remain paralyzed
Less apt to act than cower

It fills my head with dreams
Of a future in which I prevail
So why in the morning do I wake
With the strong feeling I failed

I seek to rid my brain of it
To wipe the slate clean for good
Yet when the time comes to choose
I find no solace in what I should

It forms the bars of my prison
While crafting a key for escape
It bravely stands between myself
And an eternal hellish mind rape

I feel its life resurrecting
Even after being so brutalized
As it appears to take even more
Than I might have ever realized

It has been allowed to die
In the stories that I do not tell
It is for that reason alone
That I have damned myself to hell


Hat Holders - 2012/06/01

Where do they wander
The ones long left behind
Shall we ever kill off
Ghosts joy could not find

Crawling from place to place
Dingy hats held in their hand
Calling out for passing help
Slowly enveloped by quicksand

Burn burn burn
They come not with the hoses
Cackle Cackle Cackle
Even as their coffin closes

Eyes glazed over
Their ears stuffed with ego
Misery loves company
So they still call you amigo

Fill your glass with scotch
And light up premium tobacco
To congratulate you yourself
On escaping from these wackos

For their time is not now
Though the clock is ticking
Fools persist to their doom
As they take another licking

Celebrate our short lives
By feasting upon their death
As nobody holds the right to
An infinite supply of breath