Passive Passion - 2012/06/03

I cradle it in my hands
Fully aware of its power
Though I remain paralyzed
Less apt to act than cower

It fills my head with dreams
Of a future in which I prevail
So why in the morning do I wake
With the strong feeling I failed

I seek to rid my brain of it
To wipe the slate clean for good
Yet when the time comes to choose
I find no solace in what I should

It forms the bars of my prison
While crafting a key for escape
It bravely stands between myself
And an eternal hellish mind rape

I feel its life resurrecting
Even after being so brutalized
As it appears to take even more
Than I might have ever realized

It has been allowed to die
In the stories that I do not tell
It is for that reason alone
That I have damned myself to hell

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