POW - 2012/06/30

He carries the gun in his hand
Along with a frown on his face
Even while lounging back home
He is a prisoner in that place

It has dug its hooks down deep
Tugging every second every day
His mind is smoldering and mad
Ready to kill anyone in his way

He is angry despite his action
A speaker of words not his own
For across the ocean from hell
He is strung out and ever alone

It beckons with tones of allure
Driving his life into the ditch
He ingests the poison it shares
Making love to the rancid bitch

He lashes out indiscriminately
Even at those who try and save
All still suffering for whims
Of powerful fools not so brave

Silently I shall weep for him
As his murderous hatred rises
He is that machine subjugated
Driven by another who devises

We can hope one day he returns
From that prison very far away
Ready to open those weary eyes
And face the light of a new day

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