Aberration - 2012/07/29

Never mind the swath of pain
For which the rest have paid
Money hungry jesters walking
On a path to hell fools laid

Sprinting and somersaulting
Their antics so entertaining
Even though masses grow weary
As practical appeal is fading

Not even the assorted baubles
Always masquerading as prizes
Hold any real intrinsic value
Despite their shiny disguises

Bellies rumbling lips parched
Yet the judges truly care not
As they exist only to measure
Anything which matters naught

We do not even pick our teams
Attached to one through birth
So join this useless festival
Trading truth for empty mirth

Ignore those prevailing winds
Evidence the world is turning
Dismiss dark smoke you inhale
As its only the world burning


Haterade - 2012/07/27

Large panes of stained glass
Make for confetti in the air
Slicing fools in their vortex
Deaf and dumb who do not care

Values lined up for a bidding
Many as worthless as the next
Animals feasting on the blood
Ever gorging yet always vexed

Targets abound chosen at will
Petty aggressors are the prey
As their rights to be bigots
Are questioned every new day

Pitch black plume rises high
Books are burning all around
The crackling is obscured by
Air filled with gospel sound

Within the pews children sit
Angelic ears in the stirrups
Listening to dead holy words
Oldies that fluently corrupt

Despite all the hard efforts
Time still slowly ticks away
Leaving room for enlightened
Minds to finally win the day


Exodus - 2012/07/24

Weavers of wonder
Wielding looms of lore
Tell tales of centuries
Leave us wanting for more

They have departed
Final flock long gone
We are left with pushers
Selling a shortening con

Our sun rises not
Bequeathed to the rich
Monsters which strangle
Each and every new snitch

Eyes grow accustomed
To permanent twilight
Fingers on the triggers
Not knowing who to fight

Discordant voices fester
Fueled by emotional rise
Brought on by those safe
From reaping of their lies

I neither hear nor see
Though it smells rotten
Why is knowledge gained
So very easily forgotten


Martyr - 2012/07/22

Lips sealed shut
Secrets held at bay
Only a true follower
Shall light up the way

Beaten and battered
Deterred by neither pain
Nor by a vivid nightmare
Of rotting in torrid rain

Family under the knife
Temptation for the weak
Watching this world burn
Requires the mark to peek

Behold the steel cage
Impenetrable by the best
Slandered and so despised
By the ones it has blessed

Stoically it stands fast
Immune to ravages of time
Innocent to its very core
Now sentenced for a crime

Little bird fly far away
Your freedom is his gift
Even friends are entranced
By the haze of mental drift


Sealed Coffins - 2012/07/14

Cattle in crumbling cages
Strewn through their scar
Their screams remain silent
Yet their pain is known afar

Some of the cages are pristine
Populated by slaves with pride
Others are a vicious reminder
Of a truth they never confide

From a distance they are alike
Closer examination will reveal
That each is seemingly unique
Though still spokes of a wheel

Even as they hide from all else
They are beckoned through blinds
Each ray of entrancing sunlight
Planting seeds in closed minds

Regardless only the ghosts stir
While living remained enthralled
Captors of the fanciful coffins
To which they have been called


Mitt's Most Wanted - 2012/07/11

Motherfucker's got magic underwear
Sticking out of his docker britches
With a shit eating grin on his face
Cause he marries all of his bitches

He aint got no street cred to share
But his bling makes everybody stare
Golden plates on a glistening chain
Proves this player is rich and vain

People see a white gangsta fronting
Watch your ass cause he is strapped
With spring mags full of pink slips
One way or another asses get tapped

Break out your blunts and celebrate
The cream puff bitch ass is winning
Fuck all the hope and shitty change
Lets get back to old school sinning


Rapists - 2012/07/08

Making the world a better place
Slowly screwing its pretty face
Seeking the monsters come alive
Fools waiting on them to arrive

Hot flames of perdition crackle
Bloated shadows in suits cackle
As skin of our sons turns black
A victim of the constant attack

Machinations bear monstrosities
Spread as plague amongst cities
Dazed and confused by the glare
Of heads paid great not to care

So behold these walking corpses
Pupils dilated nothing is amiss
Stuffing their faces with trash
While earth continues to thrash

Imperfect stains of the disgust
Daydreaming of a porcelain bust
A picture perfect tale for eyes
Feeding minds that collate lies


Minds Eye - 2012/07/06

Grey and dilapidated
Streaking every which way
Eyes lackadaisically stutter
Assaulted with another day

Lifelessly plodding
Two feet mindlessly move
Mind left in hibernation
With nothing left to prove

Bells are ringing
Though ears are shut
When it becomes too loud
Mouths shall scream what

Smoke fills the air
Lemmings march lockstep
Right off the ledge
Onto which they leapt

Images of visions
Behind a blurred line
Between the delusions
Where shit is the wine

A darkness engulfs
Spilling out corners
Drawing these judges
Our would be mourners

Many gavels pound
Sans cries in the air
Marking this the end
As we no longer care