Haterade - 2012/07/27

Large panes of stained glass
Make for confetti in the air
Slicing fools in their vortex
Deaf and dumb who do not care

Values lined up for a bidding
Many as worthless as the next
Animals feasting on the blood
Ever gorging yet always vexed

Targets abound chosen at will
Petty aggressors are the prey
As their rights to be bigots
Are questioned every new day

Pitch black plume rises high
Books are burning all around
The crackling is obscured by
Air filled with gospel sound

Within the pews children sit
Angelic ears in the stirrups
Listening to dead holy words
Oldies that fluently corrupt

Despite all the hard efforts
Time still slowly ticks away
Leaving room for enlightened
Minds to finally win the day

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