Cretin - 2012/08/28

Listen to the twit
Speaking in many tongues
If you give him a ladder
He will slide down the rungs

If you hand him a map
He will turn it upside down
While faithfully playing
The role of the dumb clown

If you lend him a light
He shall cover up his eyes
All the while regaling you
With many outrageous lies

If you beat him as a fool
He will roll over and howl
Hiding hope of redemption
Behind his man childs cowl

However shall we counter
These fools that live on
Upon which misery and pain
Are so clearly built upon

The mystery tortures me
Ever more as I do dwell
For each day it greets me
At the black gates of hell


War Room - 2012/08/27

There is a room
Which occupies my dreams
Just a nightmare
If you ignore the screams

Each window cracked
We observe life outside
Unable to join them
Strapped in for the ride

Cruel barbs whipped
Carve scars in our backs
While even the strong
Slip through the cracks

Overlords commanding
Peons who plot an escape
Away from imbeciles
Who cheat steal and rape

Written words wasted
Amongst eyes of the blind
We tell of no messiah
For the charlatans to find

Soon bodies will sway
From these gallows erected
And crows shall feast
As their masters directed


Magician - 2012/08/26

Black box
Mystery is inside
Take me for a ride

That is your game
Makes it the same

We wield no power
Bolster your power

Led by you alone
To truth you intone

Upon your creations
To fixing operations

Since you departed
How to get started

For a swift return
By blades that burn

Damned to wander
All we squandered

Zero Sum Game - 2012/08/26

They are the squatters
Hunkered down in the waste
Visual evidence of reality
The gods would like to erase

Living hand to mouth
Without a future in mind
Theirs is the scary fate
That we all may one day find

They are the incompetent
Yet littered with the elite
For some fell on their own
Others were mercilessly beat

What horrid twist of fate
Daring to plot and conspire
Trying to stop deadly flames
By tossing fools into the fire

Behold this waking beast
Driven wild by its hunger
Even as it fervently devours
Sacrifices younger and younger

Scholars can only wonder
Upon what will the beast feed
When our ability to control it
Is soon overwhelmed by its need


Architects - 2012/08/18

Marching single file
Towards the sandstorm
Driven by hellish whips
Of masters with many forms

Gun in the hand
Bullet in the brain
Not even a quick death
Can put an end to the pain

Charred bones remain
Buried within two days
Yet their spirit lingers
Warning of nefarious ways

Praise their names
And send them to die
You are the executioner
Who dares not question why

Welcome dear lambs
To a sacrifice foretold
As these are the end days
Shunned by the brave and bold

Be sure to mark it
For this is the moment
That shall be the focus
Of lifetimes of atonement


Resilience - 2012/08/15

Grinning fool stole the dream
Locked it inside a cloudy jar
Tossed into the vicious river
In time it traveled quite far

Where it hides I have no idea
Every map serves to misdirect
While every would be witness
Does not help dots to connect

Lies told by smiling avatars
With sweet and tempting tones
Spawn pallid ideas to let go
Blighting my weary old bones

The mad disease is residual
Festering while procreating
Driven to new scary heights
By a cycle of commiserating

Beliefs are questioned daily
As the forest is set aflame
What emerges from the ashes
Will be altered yet the same

Gaze upon our eternal seesaw
While the favored side rises
The other disfavored tumbles
Sharing truth sans disguises


Captive Audience - 2012/08/12

Lances swords and knives abound
Slicing would be bearers asunder
All whom now bleed out leisurely
Totally unaware of their blunder

A trickle of it becomes a puddle
Then the puddle becomes an ocean
While unlucky ones trapped within
Begin to suffocate in slow motion

Sunbursts ravage dying starlight
Haughty chuckles echo throughout
For we are merely cold observers
Lacking any control or any clout

Observe for this is how it ends
Not with the bang but a whimper
For the gallery of the soulless
Cannot be bothered to even stir


Kumbaya - 2012/08/05

Left in a circle hands grasped in hope
Whats remains is dust for distribution
Flanked by fragments of addictive toys
Useless beyond threat of electrocution

Events leading up to lost and unknown
Clues left for visitors past eternity
Warning the few willing to comprehend
As others rush to join our fraternity

Walls fall against centuries of wind
While weeds render pavement obsolete
Aged forests reassert their dominion
The silence marking our final defeat

Dead in a place of a thousand faces
A stench disseminating into the air
Eyes sans coins remain open forever
Though nobody sees the morbid stare

For they have become victims of fate
Brought on by forgetting the reality
Without the ones who dare contradict
Time will not suffer a lax mentality