Resilience - 2012/08/15

Grinning fool stole the dream
Locked it inside a cloudy jar
Tossed into the vicious river
In time it traveled quite far

Where it hides I have no idea
Every map serves to misdirect
While every would be witness
Does not help dots to connect

Lies told by smiling avatars
With sweet and tempting tones
Spawn pallid ideas to let go
Blighting my weary old bones

The mad disease is residual
Festering while procreating
Driven to new scary heights
By a cycle of commiserating

Beliefs are questioned daily
As the forest is set aflame
What emerges from the ashes
Will be altered yet the same

Gaze upon our eternal seesaw
While the favored side rises
The other disfavored tumbles
Sharing truth sans disguises

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