Trick - 2012/09/30

Our contest of wits is ending
For the players who are weary
Strength sapped striving for
A series of endings so dreary

Locked in the mortal struggle
I simply decided to slip away
On my path which seeks to see
The lights of unpolluted days

Selling to the highest bidder
Real services once guaranteed
Free to retreat when I choose
Either for wants or for needs

Flap the wings and fly lovely
Catch a breeze before a crash
Spy the dream of an existence
Where we rise above the trash

Look to the horizon my friend
Perhaps one day I will return
To show you my key to freedom
By sharing all I have learned

What if this is the last time
Give me the trick to remember
Absolute joy for being a part
Of a group with equal members


Great Glenn - 2012/09/29

Precarious asphalt lays outside
Promising visitors a rocky ride
To see how the sad gutters sway
Dormant and lifeless day to day

Their post is delivered promptly
And then mysteriously disappears
While the yard grows as a jungle
Debts to nature very far arrears

One day a whistling wind awakens
Meaning to knock that hovel down
But on the brink of comeuppance
In the hopelessness it did drown

Now defying physics and us alike
It bears a trial of indifference
Home to a throne built upon shit
Seat of melancholys great prince

Behind the walls and trite grins
This is the beast which so lurks
Piece by piece the debate builds
As time alone destroys our works

Whoever shall attempt the rescue
Of a man trapped within his life
Who is labeled as the mad hermit
By his friends children and wife

Eyes on the Prize - 2012/09/29

She has got her eyes on the prize
Now she stares into acrylic glass
Watching them dart back and forth
Devising a scheme to make it past

Each and every day they taunt her
An infectious grin on their faces
While all she can see is slaughter
Of prey devoured in far off places

For hours on end she sits and lies
Pretending to wonder with her eyes
Dreaming of a time water does rise
Bequeathing upon her a tasty prize

Today alas it is simply not to be
For they thrive as she can so see
As this dream fills her with glee
The waiting marauder named Sophie


Alamo - 2012/09/27

The sands in the hourglass
Have run their full course
While the observers murmur
It was destined of course

Yet for those left behind
Words cannot hope to heal
Ferocity and humor shared
Going then gone so unreal

To arms to arms comrades
Fight the war to the end
Only to watch your heroes
Escape rather than defend

Slathering masses crash
Overrunning the few left
The survivors hear tales
Which render them bereft

With tragedy in my mind
Thoughts clouded by drink
I vow to remember forever
Those whom I left to sink

I grant them immortality
In memories I do preserve
Yet it pales in comparison
To what they truly deserve


Lucidity - 2012/09/23

The dull glow of the master
Suppresses everything outside
With every moment spent there
There is less and less to hide

The crackle of digital static
Muffled by the occasional mute
Renders the pointlessness of it
Anything but forgiven and moot

Life is now but a lucid dream
Interrupted by infrequent naps
Punctuated by fools in costume
Who fight to fill their traps

Sunrise and sunset matter not
They are but the descriptions
Of a place we are barred from
While under the conscriptions

Therein lies the parlor trick
Leaving a place with no border
As illusion gives way to chaos
Demands an embrace of disorder


Honey Poo Poo - 2012/09/15

I want to talk some smack
But you cannot talk back
Because in my dream world
Only I am allowed to attack

I have an opinion to share
Whether you give a shit or not
Any way in which you respond
Will be dismissed as mere rot

Look upon me the mouthpiece
For armies of the misinformed
Shed some tears for poor me
When I am predictably swarmed

Nobody could've seen it coming
That is why I keep on bitching
Even if I can't stand the heat
I deserve a place in the kitchen

So this is why I am demanding
That you acknowledge my orders
To stay off of my scared wall
And remain within your borders

I truly love social interaction
If only they were free of tools
Poking fun at sports and stuff
Making so many feel like fools


Indentured - 2012/09/13

Working on the chain gang
Kicking up dirt and sweat
Lips parched and begging
To taste the world so wet

Whips crack while we rush
To dig ditches as directed
Only to fill them back in
As we bury those infected

Locked up tight at sunset
Drowning wounds in booze
Fighting to escape dreams
That come while we snooze

In the morning it returns
As vicious as ever before
For we are the customers
And pain is but our whore

At any time this can end
Simply utter just a word
And shades with the guns
Will rip you from the herd

Or rather carefully plan
On how to make your break
Though there is no knowing
What kind of mess you make


Fat Head Frolic - 2012/09/08

Zealots in the street cheering
Empty suits on cameras jeering
Words flying by at light speed
Quite accurate unless you read

Simple ideas and flowery words
Conceal the fact both are turds
Life gets more complex each day
So turn back the clock they say

Only the cats now outta the bag
As the owner bleeds into a rag
Fat headed fools tell us no no
We can make the derelict go go

Toss a coin and go out to vote
Just tote a raft unto the boat
So after it starts to go under
You will survive their blunder

Smother us in simple platitudes
Tarring others for bad attitudes
And flanked by the perfect smile
We the foolish shall stay awhile


Typical Voter - 2012/09/04

Today I logged on Facebook
And was greeted with reality
I put my fingers in my ears
And returned to my normality

Cause I dont really care
What the hell is going on
Even though I will be pissed
When the world we know is gone

I know you think I am stupid
But I have friends who agree
That your real world out there
Shouldnt be allowed to bother me

But make no mistake at all
I plan on showing up to vote
Wearing my cute pinwheel cap
And carrying my "dumbass" tote

Recognize my right to be dumb
Its in the bill of commandments
Yeah you bet your ass I read it
Both testaments and their contents

Look is it too much to ask
That you just shut the hell up
Because football is coming on
And I'm gonna clog your feed up


Hollow Horror - 2012/09/03

In the sea of black
A single candle burns
Soon to be snuffed out
Before the beast learns

When it is eradicated
Memories begin to fade
Forgotten like legions
Slaughtered by the blade

Maybe it is the last
As the crusade closes
One final parlor trick
Before the truth imposes

A crescendo of fate
Collapsing upon heads
Coaxing screams out of
Those hiding in the beds

All but snuffed out
Terrors are released
Anarchy and fear join
Upon us they then feast

That future which lies
Past the marching boots
Aborted only by the wise
Who can trace their roots


Tip of the Tongue - 2012/09/02

Gotta make it quick
Time is fucking rare
Rather than contemplate
This is the time to tear

Smoke billowing high
Obscuring every detail
Passerby enjoy the show
Where we succeed and fail

Wield sharpened points
Flanked by the blunt edges
It either stabs the heart
Or retires to shape hedges

Vast expanses of time
Await in the oncoming rush
Requiring the sobriety
Not exhibited by any lush

Inherently contradictory
Logic starved of the reason
While drenching us in tears
Regardless of actual season

However shall it finish
With a satisfying climax
Or will it simply whimper
When faced with the facts


Renegades - 2012/09/01

Time dwindles
Shadows race to set the rules
Fate chuckles
Golems work for whims of fools

Just one more
Soon the pain shall quickly stop
There is no truth
Not even one small precious drop

Infinity squared
Lambs live the lie over and over
A poison festers
Sad slaves eat of the new clover

Some dare speak
Nobody has the strength to listen
Backs are breaking
Over spoils of war which glisten

Leaders lead
Fools march to their destruction
Deserters leave
Deemed to be another obstruction

They came they saw
One of many who do so now and then
These excommunicated
Shall not be fooled this way again