Great Glenn - 2012/09/29

Precarious asphalt lays outside
Promising visitors a rocky ride
To see how the sad gutters sway
Dormant and lifeless day to day

Their post is delivered promptly
And then mysteriously disappears
While the yard grows as a jungle
Debts to nature very far arrears

One day a whistling wind awakens
Meaning to knock that hovel down
But on the brink of comeuppance
In the hopelessness it did drown

Now defying physics and us alike
It bears a trial of indifference
Home to a throne built upon shit
Seat of melancholys great prince

Behind the walls and trite grins
This is the beast which so lurks
Piece by piece the debate builds
As time alone destroys our works

Whoever shall attempt the rescue
Of a man trapped within his life
Who is labeled as the mad hermit
By his friends children and wife

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