Typical Voter - 2012/09/04

Today I logged on Facebook
And was greeted with reality
I put my fingers in my ears
And returned to my normality

Cause I dont really care
What the hell is going on
Even though I will be pissed
When the world we know is gone

I know you think I am stupid
But I have friends who agree
That your real world out there
Shouldnt be allowed to bother me

But make no mistake at all
I plan on showing up to vote
Wearing my cute pinwheel cap
And carrying my "dumbass" tote

Recognize my right to be dumb
Its in the bill of commandments
Yeah you bet your ass I read it
Both testaments and their contents

Look is it too much to ask
That you just shut the hell up
Because football is coming on
And I'm gonna clog your feed up

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