Tonberry - 2012/10/27

Lantern held in his tiny hand
A knife brandished in another
He is making a claim on blood
Within our veins and no other

He advances with slow motions
Never uttering a single sound
Somehow we are quite confident
He means to bury us in ground

Flames flicker within his eyes
This lethargy is but the front
He will use to pry open hearts
Prior to tearing out the shunt

His frail form embodies terror
Likes of which we do not share
For they all have seen him too
Whilst pretending not to care

Blasé it might seem to slay him
With great power I surely would
For he is the harbinger of doom
Of which only a few understood

So he continues his long journey
To places eyes are happy without
That ground upon which he treads
Breeds nightmares soon to sprout

Royal We - 2012/10/27

We wait
While the whistling wind blows
We cringe
As the world we know just goes

We watch
Others embrace irrational fear
We choke
Holding back sympathetic tears

We pray
That naked mysticism can outdo
We know
Consequence can seek us out too

We help
Because no other power overcomes
We cry
When others respond to war drums

We dream
Of any world somebody else built
We refrain
From wiping what our neighbor spilt

We believe
The world is ours and ours alone
We forget
That for everybodys sin we atone


Fever - 2012/10/24

The obstacles breed like rats
Birthed only to block the way
Time to eviscerate the nonsense
Because its not happening today

Welcome dear immovable object
Say hello to irresistible force
By all means keep on pretending
I shall kill you in due course

This is the time and the place
In which the impossible happens
Bringing about lovely victories
And all the resulting trappings

Tomorrow cannot be spoken for
Chaos wields terribly wily ways
But I know it has been too long
Since I've had one of these days


To the Abattoir - 2012/10/20

Behold the cup with many holes
Whose will is not to be filled
Spy the disappointment in eyes
Of he who is destined to spill

Weep doth he amongst the remains
Of dreams known to have perished
In pursuing this fleeting homage
He now taints all once cherished

So what be a man but a flimsy bag
Of bones which squeak for a time
Chasing cheap facades for harmony
Not finding either rhythm or rhyme

Call and warn him if so compelled
But he is a mechanism sans machine
While his violence seems senseless
He himself is certainly not mean

For he dreams the dream he prefers
Not caring to see below its veneer
As he is not the rancher who herds
Rather just another stubborn steer


Dawn to Dusk - 2012/10/14

Blood trickles
Past the eyes of this would be killer
Insanity rises
To rule rather than remain the filler

Voices coalesce
Rising in a crescendo of unification
Reality diminished
By the promises of eternal salvation

Hope now hovers
On the mountain of the dead and dying
Miracles bought
By the pawns who are no longer trying

Lies distributed
Down the street and around the globe
By patron of sin
Standing before you soiling his robe

We stand as mice
Upon the shoulders of ancient giants
Even as we tumble
Inundated in this false self reliance

Maggots slither
Out the eyes of the long dead martyr
As gods chuckle
Dreaming of the souls they did barter


Spore - 2012/10/13

Floating along a breeze
Flailing as it does please
Spied by eyes of ebony black
Invisible to those who track

Gift of life so delicate
Dependent upon chance to abet
Even as it may soon be snuffed
Despite there not being enough

Yet the speck largely ignored
Knows the goal it works toward
Casting a keen eye to the horizon
Eager to meet the new force rising

It is dead and it is alive
Neither and both to survive
Posing no threat to the blind
Yet birthing salvation to find

This is a tale with no end
Every day it plays out again
The ending is belayed by choice
Between death and the bold voice

Succumb to the urge and entertain
A future of possible hope and pain
Or sit by and lackadaisically persist
Indulging your pointless urge to exist


Cult of Err - 2012/10/09

Safe within the armor
To the easily fooled eye
Protected from vermin
By quilt of stitched lies

Great walls of straw
Which children could wrack
Monitored by cowboys
Without knowledge to track

Inside it is bleeding
Acid poison slowly leaks
Outside their illusion
Undergoes numerous tweaks

Information is power
Welcome your latest deity
Prepare thyself for
Proof of true spontaneity

Fork in the road past
As the high road was taken
The traveler gazes down
Wondering if he was mistaken

Cries of the proletariat
Fighting to fill this vacuum
As tears of the conquered
Lay the road to rumored doom


Pandora - 2012/10/01

I leave to stare
Into the maw of the beast
I yearn to discover
Lunacy driving it at least

Explorer ahoy
On a yacht in the triangle
Observing sharks
Always working a new angle

Petty ants march
Unaware of coming reaction
Gazes averted from
Tidal wave gaining traction

Oh great Houdini
They marvel at your tricks
Even after a tyke
Collapses your appendix

I have no excuses
For any of the consequences
I see only myself
Beyond mirrors of pretenses