Glare be Damned - 2012/11/28

Take their torture poor old ears
Tired hands are faithfully stoic
While we prioritize our survival
In lieu of doing anything heroic

This is a time to simply take it
Despite any accolades we deserve
After the great performance ends
They will mourn the loss of verve

Pack up its time to hit the road
Unknown yet pointing to the stars
For paradise is somewhere waiting
Beyond dead ghettos and blue bars

Do not ask why the wanderer walks
Every true answer is self evident
For living life on anothers terms
Is life to which I cannot consent

An artist or conniver selling lies
Which I am you will have to decide
But know that I will never regret
Moving to call an end to our ride

If my actions agitate insecurities
Know that it shall never bother me
Simply put this vagabond must roam
While there are wonders left to see


Dilapidation - 2012/11/27

Wasting away while time ticks by
Waving goodbye to ones who ask why
This is our existence which we bear
Though nobody seems to actually care

Each day structured in rigid time
Watching children awaiting a chime
A tell tale sign it is time to leave
Nothing was done though nobody grieves

Wiling away opportunities to grow
Never addressing all we do not know
A hundred possible futures do linger
Each one slipping through our fingers

This is the life lauded by fools
Eternally refusing to master tools
Content to exist without any reason
Each breath they take another treason

Whoever shall save them from doom
Perpetuated by monsters which loom
Of course it is to them which I refer
Those unenlightened endlessly lazy curs

This is a disease within the mind
There is no work ethic of any kind
So here they sit slowly wasting away
Looking busy until their judgment day


Rant and Response - 2012/11/25

I grant you a pass to my echo chamber
Contingent upon me never hearing slur
Never mind what our friends are doing
We all will not tolerate such spewing

But of course edicts shall not prevent
The world from talking about the event
And if it goes my way words will churn
If it does not then friends shall burn

You claim to wear kid gloves just for me
By allowing me to revel in my false glee
Your mouth remains shut for a whole year
Though I will still flip out due to fear

It really does not matter what you said
Because in my eyes you are already dead
Logic can never be an acceptable excuse
Which is why I will not honor our truce

Like a spoiled brat in a rage so blinding
I showed out in a way eternally reminding
Our friendship is no longer one commodity
I want to foster regardless of its oddity

That was not before throwing a little fit
Rolling around like the pig would in shit
Proving my demeanor to the world at large
With one memorable and venomous discharge


There is no map which describes the path
To bring us back from the brink of wrath
Though in our specific case due to abuse
The kid gloves are no longer fit for use


Words with Friends - 2012/11/23

It seems we have a disagreement
One which I hope we can resolve
Since I am right and you are wrong
It seems you will have to evolve

Stymie your clueless mouth shut
You are just a dumb mother fucker
Each and every time you speak
You reinforce your title of sucker

My language is not the issue here
Honestly I have examined your idea
Do not dare to hold it against me
That your logic resembles diarrhea

Well then perhaps we should abstain
You daring to be different is insane
If you would like I could recommend
Professionals to help fix your brain

When you wake up and embrace reality
Perhaps we can discuss it once again
Until then we should agree on silence
Beyond a couple of barbs now and then

I am sorry that you do not like this
Other points of view are distressing
Not contemplating and dissecting them
Is my only way to keep from stressing


Buyer's Ballad - 2012/11/22

It was a brisk and chilly day
On which I apparently lost my way
Ending up shopping for deals
Skipping out on once a year meals
For addiction to acquisition
Is a very dire and nasty condition

Down aisle after aisle I went
The sin for which I shall not repent
Contributing to a future crash
As I could not afford to pay in cash
Denying those less fortunate
Every opportunity to rest a tiny bit

I am thankful for the holiday
Which I will now allow to waste away
I am just a slave lacking wits
In the gilded age of cheap trinkets
Will I ever muster the strength
To keep these horrors at arms length

Alas that is an answer I lack
No matter how I pretend it is whack
For secretly I long to indulge
Exactly how much I will not divulge
With action comes consequence
That I ignore as I lack moral sense


Sideshow - 2012/11/21

Brandish the riot shields and sticks
Shove each thinker up against a wall
Black bag them and toss away the key
Fools may wonder why they never call

Throw parades in honor of ones fallen
Singing ballads from times unfamiliar
Just ignore the hungry kids and wives
Or if it seems heroic simply kill her

Vendettas be damned we rule the world
Felines starve even the rats flourish
Nobody shall raise a hand to intercede
For they remain unthinking and currish

Revel in your freedom as would a bird
Flapping wings now clipped and tarred
Never dare exceed your maximum height
For from Mount Olympus you are barred

Dogs shall fail while dueling unarmed
Falling prey to the greater predators
Who despite lies and lack of currency
Never cease to locate idiot creditors

Now legions have decided to just shrug
Simply ignoring this terrible disaster
Yet with each and every passing moment
We all march towards its climax faster


Rock Bottom - 2012/11/18

Tip toeing along the edge of a blade
Precariously swaying with the breeze
Transfixed by the vision of two feet
Somehow now advancing as they please

It could never last forcing a tumble
Nosediving to lies of a better place
Eyes wide open at the speed of sound
Ever cursing the visages of her face

Another paradise waits with open arms
Polished coffin morbidly at the ready
Turbulence makes for a wrenching ride
Destination doom means we stay steady

Have your tickets out for verification
Journey ends in the halls of purgatory
Get your soul ready for final transfer
Assuming you even have it in inventory


Self Flagellation - 2012/11/16

Yet another sun sets on the horizon
An ethereal backdrop for the scream
Which strives to wake the oblivious
From a fantasy our collective dream

Tis is the time for tea and crumpets
Yet dark red wine seems more fitting
Have a cigar and join us for a taste
Of the finest from ones now quitting

Supersonic wings distribute megatons
Who filled up the hands of the clods
With a power to wipe the world clean
Wielding weapons shunned by the Gods

Mushrooms now rising in the distance
Birth the fallout which now journeys
Over the dead desert turned to glass
Not be stopped by kings or attorneys

Rolling over in the restless respite
Cornered as your hostages of history
A lack of foresight which leads here
Compounding the ever growing mystery

The wise become the blind and repeat
Mistakes they thought they were past
Whoever shall inform the dying masses
That all we erect cannot hope to last


Unto the Breach - 2012/11/11

My hands grasp the secret of life
While each day I squeeze out more
For there I sit a greedy customer
Dealing outright as would a whore

My mind knows that I hold victory
Though I lack an ability to enjoy
For grasping this precious escape
Does not hide that I am their toy

Our future weighs heavily upon me
The vision of humanity compelling
My urge to disassociate from what
Fantasy you are currently selling

I seem aloof among contemporaries
Now described as being disengaged
Yet I am only hiding a hard truth
That each day I awaken so enraged

What gifts we have all been given
That we work each day to squander
The enjoyment that allows respite
Is drawn from pleasures I launder

I shall not fear my lovely future
Even as its contents stay unknown
As the experience of living cries
Out for people not ready to atone


Vacuum - 2012/11/10

Drifting in the depths of space
An icy hand knocks on the hatch
Claiming a fill of imported air
Even as somebody lights a match

That day the apparatus exploded
A virulent flash was seen below
Mothers children and men sulked
Wondering aloud where can we go

The peoples leaders took charge
Responding to their hard dismay
By prancing and dancing at will
Never fixing and always at play

Pieces of it descended to earth
Afterwards the questions ceased
For the system was truly rigged
To allow the criminals to feast

Pointless pundits gravitated on
Peoples attention spans wavered
Pristine pulp pumped into pores
Serving sheep shit they savored

Applaud these stewards of today
Cynically rather than seriously
While problems become more dire
And solutions fail mysteriously


Patty Cake - 2012/11/07

Let us sit down and spin a tale
Of a mythical and perfect place
Rather than search out the truth
Our lies will run a magical race

With every round they shall grow
Unaware of any physical boundary
Practically but an illusion shed
As we gorge ourselves in a spree

So lead turns into precious gold
Despite the rotten stench rising
As the consequences slowly build
Ignoring any fix of our devising

Oh it is a lovely game is it not
One that everybody likes playing
Even as we systematically neuter
Cynics who persist in nay saying


Criminal Suppression - 2012/11/05

You campaigned all day for a fool
I lobbied you on behalf of a clod
They needed permission to fuck us
And we've given them both the nod

In an expanding infinite universe
We have but two available choices
Neither of which truly represents
A single one of our joyous voices

I pose a query to you dear reader
How can the result make any sense
When ones inclined to participate
Do so under horrid false pretense

Maybe handle it though abstinence
No I think that is doomed to fail
Instead take both groups of tools
And urge them to set forever sail

Let us relieve Gods of their power
By ignoring the tales they persist
For if no soul dares vote for them
It will be as if they do not exist

Tell me if you have a superior way
Or better yet fall back to routine
The belief that your side is right
Is a drug from which you must wean


Within the Cracks - 2012/11/04

Miracles are crafted for fools
Quipped the fairy out of reach
It is easier to lead with lies
Than to attach an actual leash

I argued the claim pointlessly
Her head snapped back giggling
The young ones are always hard
Ever refusing to stop wiggling

She brandished that oaken wand
Intoning words of a cold spell
Now I waited there dumbfounded
Prepared for my ticket to hell

But in an instant she was gone
Pixie dust was in short supply
So I was free to wander around
Looking into many a golems eye

Their passion once deep inside
So chipped away over the years
Was nothing but a dead trinket
Against vogue artificial fears

It was on that mad day I vowed
To ever battle to remain whole
Never giving up on my passions
Or to consider selling my soul


Swindler - 2012/11/02

I met the shadowy man one night
As he walked the broken highway
Even though my mind knew better
I could not stay out of his way

He wore the very finest of suits
Always seducing me with his gaze
Offering me lavish incongruities
In an effort to put me in a daze

So what happened was unexpected
For I dared look him in the eyes
Catching a glimpse of the truth
You can imagine his sad surprise

I made the demand that he depart
And to take his baubles with him
Now I consider myself a free man
Hence unconcerned with his whims

In a raspy voice he promised pain
I beckoned him to take a long look
For this is a land you have raped
What little is left cannot be took

With a snap of a manicured finger
He vanished in a puff of red smoke
Leaving me there as a lonely soul
Suffering pain under no mans yoke

Lines of the Lulled - 2012/11/02

Delusions swirl unhindered
Tainting everything I know
For I describe a slaughter
As would be victims ask so

The storm forms on the ridge
Beckoned by four pale riders
We might have even prevailed
Without traitorous insiders

For they arrived in darkness
Cruel blades in hungry hands
Ready to strip you of freedom
And claim your battered lands

Cast your gaze to those lost
Souls in perpetual purgatory
For we all failed to fulfill
A blood oath to end the story

Ghouls of the fathers wander
Rotten eyes seeking out fools
Who lie and say they are free
While being abused like tools

This is the story I now relay
Pick your side and then perish
Or open your eyes and then act
If only to save all you cherish