Buyer's Ballad - 2012/11/22

It was a brisk and chilly day
On which I apparently lost my way
Ending up shopping for deals
Skipping out on once a year meals
For addiction to acquisition
Is a very dire and nasty condition

Down aisle after aisle I went
The sin for which I shall not repent
Contributing to a future crash
As I could not afford to pay in cash
Denying those less fortunate
Every opportunity to rest a tiny bit

I am thankful for the holiday
Which I will now allow to waste away
I am just a slave lacking wits
In the gilded age of cheap trinkets
Will I ever muster the strength
To keep these horrors at arms length

Alas that is an answer I lack
No matter how I pretend it is whack
For secretly I long to indulge
Exactly how much I will not divulge
With action comes consequence
That I ignore as I lack moral sense

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