Criminal Suppression - 2012/11/05

You campaigned all day for a fool
I lobbied you on behalf of a clod
They needed permission to fuck us
And we've given them both the nod

In an expanding infinite universe
We have but two available choices
Neither of which truly represents
A single one of our joyous voices

I pose a query to you dear reader
How can the result make any sense
When ones inclined to participate
Do so under horrid false pretense

Maybe handle it though abstinence
No I think that is doomed to fail
Instead take both groups of tools
And urge them to set forever sail

Let us relieve Gods of their power
By ignoring the tales they persist
For if no soul dares vote for them
It will be as if they do not exist

Tell me if you have a superior way
Or better yet fall back to routine
The belief that your side is right
Is a drug from which you must wean

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