Dilapidation - 2012/11/27

Wasting away while time ticks by
Waving goodbye to ones who ask why
This is our existence which we bear
Though nobody seems to actually care

Each day structured in rigid time
Watching children awaiting a chime
A tell tale sign it is time to leave
Nothing was done though nobody grieves

Wiling away opportunities to grow
Never addressing all we do not know
A hundred possible futures do linger
Each one slipping through our fingers

This is the life lauded by fools
Eternally refusing to master tools
Content to exist without any reason
Each breath they take another treason

Whoever shall save them from doom
Perpetuated by monsters which loom
Of course it is to them which I refer
Those unenlightened endlessly lazy curs

This is a disease within the mind
There is no work ethic of any kind
So here they sit slowly wasting away
Looking busy until their judgment day

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