Lines of the Lulled - 2012/11/02

Delusions swirl unhindered
Tainting everything I know
For I describe a slaughter
As would be victims ask so

The storm forms on the ridge
Beckoned by four pale riders
We might have even prevailed
Without traitorous insiders

For they arrived in darkness
Cruel blades in hungry hands
Ready to strip you of freedom
And claim your battered lands

Cast your gaze to those lost
Souls in perpetual purgatory
For we all failed to fulfill
A blood oath to end the story

Ghouls of the fathers wander
Rotten eyes seeking out fools
Who lie and say they are free
While being abused like tools

This is the story I now relay
Pick your side and then perish
Or open your eyes and then act
If only to save all you cherish

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