Rant and Response - 2012/11/25

I grant you a pass to my echo chamber
Contingent upon me never hearing slur
Never mind what our friends are doing
We all will not tolerate such spewing

But of course edicts shall not prevent
The world from talking about the event
And if it goes my way words will churn
If it does not then friends shall burn

You claim to wear kid gloves just for me
By allowing me to revel in my false glee
Your mouth remains shut for a whole year
Though I will still flip out due to fear

It really does not matter what you said
Because in my eyes you are already dead
Logic can never be an acceptable excuse
Which is why I will not honor our truce

Like a spoiled brat in a rage so blinding
I showed out in a way eternally reminding
Our friendship is no longer one commodity
I want to foster regardless of its oddity

That was not before throwing a little fit
Rolling around like the pig would in shit
Proving my demeanor to the world at large
With one memorable and venomous discharge


There is no map which describes the path
To bring us back from the brink of wrath
Though in our specific case due to abuse
The kid gloves are no longer fit for use

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