Sideshow - 2012/11/21

Brandish the riot shields and sticks
Shove each thinker up against a wall
Black bag them and toss away the key
Fools may wonder why they never call

Throw parades in honor of ones fallen
Singing ballads from times unfamiliar
Just ignore the hungry kids and wives
Or if it seems heroic simply kill her

Vendettas be damned we rule the world
Felines starve even the rats flourish
Nobody shall raise a hand to intercede
For they remain unthinking and currish

Revel in your freedom as would a bird
Flapping wings now clipped and tarred
Never dare exceed your maximum height
For from Mount Olympus you are barred

Dogs shall fail while dueling unarmed
Falling prey to the greater predators
Who despite lies and lack of currency
Never cease to locate idiot creditors

Now legions have decided to just shrug
Simply ignoring this terrible disaster
Yet with each and every passing moment
We all march towards its climax faster

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