Swindler - 2012/11/02

I met the shadowy man one night
As he walked the broken highway
Even though my mind knew better
I could not stay out of his way

He wore the very finest of suits
Always seducing me with his gaze
Offering me lavish incongruities
In an effort to put me in a daze

So what happened was unexpected
For I dared look him in the eyes
Catching a glimpse of the truth
You can imagine his sad surprise

I made the demand that he depart
And to take his baubles with him
Now I consider myself a free man
Hence unconcerned with his whims

In a raspy voice he promised pain
I beckoned him to take a long look
For this is a land you have raped
What little is left cannot be took

With a snap of a manicured finger
He vanished in a puff of red smoke
Leaving me there as a lonely soul
Suffering pain under no mans yoke

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