Unto the Breach - 2012/11/11

My hands grasp the secret of life
While each day I squeeze out more
For there I sit a greedy customer
Dealing outright as would a whore

My mind knows that I hold victory
Though I lack an ability to enjoy
For grasping this precious escape
Does not hide that I am their toy

Our future weighs heavily upon me
The vision of humanity compelling
My urge to disassociate from what
Fantasy you are currently selling

I seem aloof among contemporaries
Now described as being disengaged
Yet I am only hiding a hard truth
That each day I awaken so enraged

What gifts we have all been given
That we work each day to squander
The enjoyment that allows respite
Is drawn from pleasures I launder

I shall not fear my lovely future
Even as its contents stay unknown
As the experience of living cries
Out for people not ready to atone

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