Vacuum - 2012/11/10

Drifting in the depths of space
An icy hand knocks on the hatch
Claiming a fill of imported air
Even as somebody lights a match

That day the apparatus exploded
A virulent flash was seen below
Mothers children and men sulked
Wondering aloud where can we go

The peoples leaders took charge
Responding to their hard dismay
By prancing and dancing at will
Never fixing and always at play

Pieces of it descended to earth
Afterwards the questions ceased
For the system was truly rigged
To allow the criminals to feast

Pointless pundits gravitated on
Peoples attention spans wavered
Pristine pulp pumped into pores
Serving sheep shit they savored

Applaud these stewards of today
Cynically rather than seriously
While problems become more dire
And solutions fail mysteriously

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