Within the Cracks - 2012/11/04

Miracles are crafted for fools
Quipped the fairy out of reach
It is easier to lead with lies
Than to attach an actual leash

I argued the claim pointlessly
Her head snapped back giggling
The young ones are always hard
Ever refusing to stop wiggling

She brandished that oaken wand
Intoning words of a cold spell
Now I waited there dumbfounded
Prepared for my ticket to hell

But in an instant she was gone
Pixie dust was in short supply
So I was free to wander around
Looking into many a golems eye

Their passion once deep inside
So chipped away over the years
Was nothing but a dead trinket
Against vogue artificial fears

It was on that mad day I vowed
To ever battle to remain whole
Never giving up on my passions
Or to consider selling my soul

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