Words with Friends - 2012/11/23

It seems we have a disagreement
One which I hope we can resolve
Since I am right and you are wrong
It seems you will have to evolve

Stymie your clueless mouth shut
You are just a dumb mother fucker
Each and every time you speak
You reinforce your title of sucker

My language is not the issue here
Honestly I have examined your idea
Do not dare to hold it against me
That your logic resembles diarrhea

Well then perhaps we should abstain
You daring to be different is insane
If you would like I could recommend
Professionals to help fix your brain

When you wake up and embrace reality
Perhaps we can discuss it once again
Until then we should agree on silence
Beyond a couple of barbs now and then

I am sorry that you do not like this
Other points of view are distressing
Not contemplating and dissecting them
Is my only way to keep from stressing

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