Bah Humbug - 2012/12/25

I know what you want to hear
Repetition of what you are saying
Though I did not leave out cookies
And I forgot to spend time praying

I guess this makes me a bad guy
Though I cant be bothered to care
Cause fat men cant fit in chimneys
And brats wont get whats really fair

Thank all those cute little elves
Or the indigenous children in China
Cause they are the ones slaving away
Making flimsy plastic baubles for ya

Watch the fancy spectacular parades
Marching by the suburbs which degrade
Celebrating in the face of our future
Where the consequences are not delayed

Myths complimented by delicious lies
Create sick spending fueled by credit
Combining to form something so terrible
I resolved to simply fucking forget it

If you made it this far congratulations
Most of you left when I mentioned brats
I have yet to mock decorating dead trees
Or the donning of fugly fuzzy red hats

So I realize that this is Christmas Day
Most of you twitch like you are on a drug
But for those of you still lucid and sober
I now close with the traditional Bah Humbug

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