Haphazard - 2012/12/01

Tomorrow Tomorrow
Putting it off for a bit
Through rosy glasses
Orbs of hope are ever lit

Storm clouds part
Divine ambrosia flutters
Buildings are ignited
Hermits rip open shutters

Paradise passing
Spreading memorable cheer
Temporary reprieve
From still festering fear

Sleep no more
Mindfulness is the devil
Visions stalk
Threatening endless revel

Sun goes down
Mystically coming back up
Turn a blind eye
So celebration will erupt

Remember the cage
Wheel runners must unite
Preventing tragedy
As we all escape tonight

This is a dream
A bed full of vicious lies
Within it I lay
Ready to wake when it dies

Staggering about
Sunlight assaults red eyes
Nobody lives forever
Especially if nobody tries

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