MMXII - 2012/12/31

Hello cockroaches who will read this text
Fuck it Mayans were dumb so onto the next
Fake recovery falters while cash runs dry
Economists live where we legally get high
Microsoft tried to pimp out Windows Eight
Selling slower than Vista did is its fate
Egypt got taken over by religious fanatics
In an age infested by holy rolling addicts

Congress failed time and time again to end
The cycle of broken upon which they depend
Cable news failed to rise to this occasion
Suffering ill effects of an idiot invasion
Lunatic gun wielding maniacs sprayed rooms
Inviting the dismal future which now looms
Somewhere along the way the minority voted
For puppets despite bullshit they promoted

Sheriff Taylor expired leaving fans behind
Yet in reruns his wisdom we may still find
Macho man in Russia seized power once lost
He wields his iron fist regardless of cost
Mister Armstrong was stripped of all honor
Always denying so his integrity is a goner
We devoured the sexual stories of Petraeus
While women screamed how dare he betray us

Todd Akin introduced us to legitimate rape
While the sane ones left bitched and gaped
South Carolinas revenue network was hacked
But not even a single IT person got sacked
Ayn Rands book sales jumped because of Ryan
He is Catholic so her supporters are crying
Facebook went public and it was a big bust
Another Wall Street scam rigged to combust

Arizona found latinos could not be outlawed
Bigots living within the US went slackjawed
Syrias police action became a full civil war
Yet international warmongers begged for more
Marijuana bans were dumped in several states
Eliminating covert buying of postage weights
To conclude Peter Jackson released The Hobbit
Split into three parts as would Lorena Bobbit

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