Space Sickness - 2012/12/02

No life exists
In this vacuum I now occupy
Always dreaming
Of reaching up so very high
Never realizing
That succeeding means I die

Sunflares ignite
Through our prison porthole
As zero gravity
Insidiously takes its toll
Fate is knocking
Discounting mission control

Courageous fools
Take a walk on the wild side
While I support
Milking every excuse to hide
Glass cracking
Strap in for the final ride

Still persisting
Assassins continue missing
My ears can hear
Sounds of telltale hissing
Arrogant fools
Keep ignorantly dismissing

Today is the day
Of their triumphant return
Yet I know better
Heat shield cracks concern
Drifting in space
Prepped to watch them burn

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