In Memoriam - 2013/05/26

Teardrops tumble amid the rain
Lovers pause and stop to glance
It is not the scene which compels
But a lonely vagrant lacking pants

He hasnt shaved in many lifetimes
Stubble plentiful like shitty beer
His voice is slurred and incoherent
And his eyes are anything but clear

Many words emerge in the cacophony
Birthed from between his putrid lips
Whether it is real no soul will know
Perhaps the result of many LSD trips

View this child of the mother lost
Her vicious womb ever ensnaring him
Toss the bastard some bits of change
For the daily snort is his only shim

One day blood runs through the gutter
On the next the fire will sputter out
Passerby will not be asked to notice
As they are pointlessly running about

So let us remember the ones perished
Lives cut short by unnatural selection
For any society lacking real compassion
Is also one that lacks actual direction