Hero - 2013/07/30

Gone gone gone
His visage caught on a fickle breeze
Mute mute mute
May the town crier never speak again
Dead dead dead
Locked up for as long as they please

Free free free
To exist within an impenetrable cage
Dumb dumb dumb
Pawns ignorant of what was sacrificed
Late late late
Wearing their armor of irrational rage

March march march
Never question the path which we walk
Chant chant chant
Whisper lies which cleanse your soul
Gag gag gag
But never tell them how much you balk

Dig dig dig
I hope your humanity can rest in peace
Pray pray pray
That your soul fares better than you
Wail wail wail
For your soul you do not own the lease


Cockfight - 2013/07/14

Welcome to the world of civilized minds
Humane enough to accommodate most kinds
The systems in place to cull deviations
Exist beyond many classic frustrations
Except when participants of the system
Feel it is subject to their every whim

Rules that we know to be fine and dandy
Seemingly go awry leaving society randy
Debased enough to mount their high horse
Full of hatreds once par for the course
Fools are cultivating a taste for blood
Now urging the world to unleash a flood

Eye for eye is the siren song for fools
Ones giving in to the mob are just tools
Pitchforks and torches bolster the watch
Designed to fix what another one botched
One way or another there shall be blood
While the cultured drag us into the mud

Welcome to the world of the angry cabal
Where being wrong means starting a brawl
Forget where righteous indignation leads
While both the innocent and guilty bleed
When all anybody seems to crave is blood
Certainly bodies will topple with a thud


Scavengers - 2013/07/12

Behold the crowd that feeds on lies
Eyes glaze over as the cries arise
Their logic circuits in hibernation
As they partake in the consecration
Buried babies litter the road ahead
We sob yet they are better off dead

Feast on his soul never mind his pain
For each piece sold is monetary gain
Accrue sympathy as one would baubles
Dismissing every legitimate squabble
Pluck heartstrings only a master can
While fools flock and lend you a hand

Come one come all and enjoy the feast
Oh please donate a few bucks at least
We built a prison for him in between
Giving him a life no matter how mean
If you disagree feel free to stuff it
As he is our vegetable and we love it

If you see pearly gates let him pass
It is clear he was not built to last
Put aside your self centered desires
And be honest about what he requires
Serenade him to sleep one final time
For anything else is a heinous crime