Scavengers - 2013/07/12

Behold the crowd that feeds on lies
Eyes glaze over as the cries arise
Their logic circuits in hibernation
As they partake in the consecration
Buried babies litter the road ahead
We sob yet they are better off dead

Feast on his soul never mind his pain
For each piece sold is monetary gain
Accrue sympathy as one would baubles
Dismissing every legitimate squabble
Pluck heartstrings only a master can
While fools flock and lend you a hand

Come one come all and enjoy the feast
Oh please donate a few bucks at least
We built a prison for him in between
Giving him a life no matter how mean
If you disagree feel free to stuff it
As he is our vegetable and we love it

If you see pearly gates let him pass
It is clear he was not built to last
Put aside your self centered desires
And be honest about what he requires
Serenade him to sleep one final time
For anything else is a heinous crime

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