Screw Who You - 2013/09/13

The polluted sky above is scorched
While the abodes below are burning
Embers cast aside assault passerby
In a world where nobody is learning

Empty cribs sway in a poison breeze
As masses are starving not breeding
Metal husks lie abandoned and rusted
Mobility is not what we were needing

The strong and productive cut down
By blades of those useless and weak
Their warnings echo in eerie flames
In a future of which they did speak

Cancers and tumors limited in number
Soothsayers battling virtual reality
Silenced by tellers of the tall tales
Leading us toward a crippled finality

Behold our great battle has been lost
This weave of existence has unraveled
Glance back at the path humanity trod
And the short distance we have traveled