So Fucking What - 2013/10/31

I hear you all hooting and hollering,
And now I figure to introduce myself.
Don't distribute the party favors yet,
I'd rather you left them on the shelf.

Somebody somewhere just crossed a line,
Imaginary as this humanity we do share.
Before I was trying to find some peace,
But hey why in the hell would you care?

You gotta share your glee and excitement,
About this event which matters not at all.
Any ballsy idiot who denies you that right,
Will be nailed to everybody's virtual wall.

Please explain all the pomp and prestige,
For juiced meat heads who cheat the game.
Then tell me why this sad victory matters,
As the opposite leaves the world the same.

Fear not as I'm sure buildings will burn,
As fans on either side stoke inquisition.
Which leaves the sane among us forgotten,
In a very troubling and awkward position.

In mere months it will matter even less,
When the cycle of pointless begins anew.
But then again we all cherish our vices,
Even as mine make me different from you.


Backdraft - 2013/10/29

Dozens of derelicts in the distance beckon me,
Tempting me with dreams of treasures I may see.
Is the strip of asphalt with hovels lining it,
Paradise I seek or an island in a sea of shit?

Explain to me this mad illusion that I was sold,
Whatever kind of criminal would dare be so bold?
Is this a dream or a nightmare clogging my intake,
Which supernatural power will allow me to unmake?

Broken down beasts neglected and forgotten roam,
Another heresy explained by no mythological tome.
Music blaring in my ears over air as if by magic,
Allows me to ignore the reality that is so tragic.

The wafting breeze carries the smell of blood,
My nostrils cringe at the thought of the flood.
Yet all is quiet on the horizon for the moment,
Leaving me unprepared for a future of atonement.

Mongrels crawl up to my disintegrating doorstep,
Undermining years spent building this nasty rep.
Institutions are falling even as bigotry rises,
Leading fools down a street hiding no surprises.

So behind prison bars and ever thickening walls,
I still deny it and persist in issuing my calls.
Will anybody listen and obediently come hither,
Or will I wait and be forever doomed to wither?


Human - 2013/10/20

Cherry blossoms wafting on the breeze,
Remnants of dreams we can never seize.
Birthed of the sweet smells of spring,
These are times of which we will sing.

The seasons still pass by as if by design,
Yet despite the time I covet what is mine.
Like branches from the trunk of the tree,
Are choices the end of which I cannot see.

Now we walk a path of embellished dreams,
Where nothing that was is now as it seems.
For boots march in lockstep ready for war,
And I try to forget what we have in store.

The final gift of cleansing light invites,
Battling mythical days spent flying kites.
Only truth can be the final arbiter of it,
Ignoring what historians one day may writ.

Back here in the present the schism grows,
The paradise I had feels its first throes.
So I act freely though I am set on a path,
Where I will incur every universe's wrath.

Heaven opened when a gatekeeper perished,
That single moment was forever cherished.
Evidently one may still grasp it someway,
But however one might do it I cannot say.


We the Comatose - 2013/10/17

This morning a voice beckons from the haze,
Is it a mudslinger or a victim of our raze?
Both are stark raving mad and spewing hate,
Labeling us as crazy masters of their fate.

Such lazy and slovenly people you seem to be.
This is the world you created, why blame me?
The hands of your ancestors harvested power,
Within it's grace their children did shower.

Are your memories so tenuous or do you deny,
That you must use your wings in order to fly?
No wind shall swoop down and help you ascend,
Believing otherwise shall lead to a dead end.

Scoff if you will but the world does not care,
Ask the innocent dying each day if it is fair.
In your split level homes inebriated and dying,
Dare you claim that we are the only ones lying?

Children believe that politics shapes culture,
Those who absolve themselves play the vulture.
If we all have been granted the power to rule,
Why are we as a nation so unbelievably cruel?

Go on punching the ticket once every few years,
Support a system that just feeds on your fears.
Spew your vitriol at me if thats what you want,
But the guilt you have buried will still haunt.


Impasse - 2013/10/14

Got crazy smiles stitched on long faces,
Senile fucks can't figure out shoelaces.
Giving press conferences for mongoloids,
Are those age spots or just hemorrhoids?
Nobody knows cause reality aint in play,
Who knows what they will fuck up today!

Both sides share gang colors like twins,
Red, white and blue on cheap lapel pins.
Always jabbing without trying to listen,
All part of the shadow game for position.
They sit idle and fall back on tradition,
Rather than reverse their decomposition.

If you are feeling just a bit frustrated,
Just imagine any of them being perforated.
Though squeezing until their big eyes pop,
Ensures another maggot will reach the top.
Whatever smells rotten is very likely dead,
Even that imaginary nation within our head.

Show up at the polls and cast their ballot,
You may as well be beat with a damn mallet.
If you cant find the sucker at your table,
Then you are living within a fucking fable.
Because without another volunteer my dear,
The current official sucker is you I fear.

Are you poor, broke, helpless or in need?
They will sacrifice you out of pure greed.
Do you still have faith the system works?
Not so when it is raped by corrupt jerks.
Are you ready to sit down and share tea?
It's laced with poison why can't you see?


Crucifixion - 2013/10/11

We are pulled in multiple directions,
By the thugs at either end of our rope.
Fools on either side dutifully worship,
Their tepid master as if he were a pope.

They bicker and scream tossing epithets,
Fencing with the words of the unevolved.
Inevitably the masses do enter the fray,
Or try to escape by staying uninvolved.

Yet there can be no escape from our hell,
The flames of which are fueled by insanity.
Pray, tithe, cry and chant all you please,
As the idea of heaven is one of mad vanity.

If you are distressed spare us your tears,
For such helpless emotion has no place here.
We are the few and the proud who see truth,
And refuse to accept their lies out of fear.

Look close as the foundation is weakening,
Even as the roof threatens to crush us all.
Though you believe that God shall save you,
He will just be the first against the wall.

Those storm clouds waiting on the horizon,
Care not which legion you foolishly serve.
As we all are destined to suffer greatly,
When those in power get what they deserve.


Chariots of Fire - 2013/10/05

I woke to the morning cold assaulting,
In a strange way I was unacquainted with.
Both of my eyes locked in their sockets,
Shackles binding me forged by some smith.

While I rot a scent wafted on the breeze,
Crumbs of stale bread inspiring homicide.
Despite the great surplus of my willpower,
My limbs sat unwilling to grant me a ride.

In the sky a black flock of birds cawed,
Moving listlessly without any real plan.
Whereupon hope swooped in on some breeze,
As I then began to move like any other man.

Excitement flooded synapses in my cortex,
Electricity flowed into all my extremities.
Within a brief moment my life is laid out,
Hours wasted waylaying sheep in the cities.

The black mass seems to be creeping closer,
While that strengthening scent encircles me.
My first instinct is to call out for help,
Yet it seems my lips are paralyzed you see.

In a rush of realization and welcome relief,
The particulars of my situation become clear.
For behold my friends these are carrion birds,
And oh my they appear to drawing quite near.

They pluck out my eyes and those of my men,
Tasty appetizers which enhance their brunch.
In all honesty our bloated and fit carcasses,
Will likely provide for more than just lunch.

In these moments before darkness takes hold,
I am given full knowledge of crimes committed.
We simply maimed, murdered, raped and stole,
And hung this morning as we were not acquitted.


Tea Time - 2013/10/04

Here in grand old asylum,
The patients have risen to rule.
Today they wield great power,
Over their masters who were so cruel.

Wails fill the multiplying rebel halls,
Pain is etched in every uttered word.
For today is the day the most insane,
Rises to lead the ever confused herd.

Some say it was a battle of wits,
I steadfastly claim that it was not.
For the smartest among them,
Was immediately dismembered and shot.

They cackle while they mumble,
Ruling with a doctrine of irrationality.
I may be dead and quite irrelevant,
Yet even I look forward to some finality.

Soon they will gather in the atrium,
Knives at the throats of their soul mates.
And without any concern at all,
They will murder their fellow reprobates.

What price shall the world pay,
To watch this grotesque sideshow play out?
Will the intellectual elite,
Ever be able to explain what this was about?

Some shall ban it in hopes of hiding,
While others will embrace the discussion.
But for all others if is guaranteed,
They will retreat into their normal concussion.


Enigma - 2013/10/01

This tale is about a girl whose name you do know.
I fell head over heels for her early on in life.
We concocted such elaborate plans for our future.
Some claim our ignorance was luxurious and rife.
Together we knew we could surmount any obstacle.
While alone we would only battle unending strife.

I am unable to recall the precise day it happened.
Yet I admit it to end all the pain and tribulation.
Sometime later on in life our persuasions changed.
After our happiness had toppled out of circulation.
For it took both of us so very long to realize it,
Which birthed many years of needless frustration.

The tales that they told me as a child were lovely,
As sunlight illuminating roses on a midsummer day.
Looking back I can now understand how they skewed,
Allowing me to look at you in a very different way.
You are cruel, ugly and entrap better men than me,
Because wealth alone determines with whom you lay.

What we had was an illusion fermented in my mind.
A lie told to keep from sharing the horrible facts.
You are the whore who tries to enslaves her master.
Opening him up to all sorts of treacherous attacks.
When I confronted you with all my hard revelations,
Only then did I notice puss oozing from your cracks.

Not only are you limping but you are crumbling fast,
A crucible balanced upon a miracle that cannot last.
Yet you refused to acknowledge every heartfelt plea.
You would not even acknowledge that you ever knew me.
Most wings once touched, never leave the cold ground.
But I now embrace a future where you are not around.