Backdraft - 2013/10/29

Dozens of derelicts in the distance beckon me,
Tempting me with dreams of treasures I may see.
Is the strip of asphalt with hovels lining it,
Paradise I seek or an island in a sea of shit?

Explain to me this mad illusion that I was sold,
Whatever kind of criminal would dare be so bold?
Is this a dream or a nightmare clogging my intake,
Which supernatural power will allow me to unmake?

Broken down beasts neglected and forgotten roam,
Another heresy explained by no mythological tome.
Music blaring in my ears over air as if by magic,
Allows me to ignore the reality that is so tragic.

The wafting breeze carries the smell of blood,
My nostrils cringe at the thought of the flood.
Yet all is quiet on the horizon for the moment,
Leaving me unprepared for a future of atonement.

Mongrels crawl up to my disintegrating doorstep,
Undermining years spent building this nasty rep.
Institutions are falling even as bigotry rises,
Leading fools down a street hiding no surprises.

So behind prison bars and ever thickening walls,
I still deny it and persist in issuing my calls.
Will anybody listen and obediently come hither,
Or will I wait and be forever doomed to wither?

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